What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN? Where is she now?

In the realm of television news, where professionalism holds sway, a notable incident occurred involving Poppy Harlow.

This unfolding event took place during a live broadcast, causing a stir within the CNN studio and beyond. But what precisely occurred concerning Poppy Harlow on CNN?

What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN?

Poppy Harlow had a Controversial Exchange with Don Lemon on the set of “CNN This Morning.”

Poppy Harlow, a highly regarded co-anchor at CNN, found herself in a tense exchange with her co-anchor, Don Lemon, which left both viewers and colleagues somewhat perplexed.

Deciphering the Term “Prime”

This all began when Don Lemon made a statement about Nikki Haley, a prominent GOP presidential candidate.

Lemon boldly asserted that Haley was “past her prime,” prompting inquiries about the implied age parameters of being in one’s prime.

Harlow and her co-anchor, Kaitlan Collins, appeared visibly surprised by Lemon’s assertion.

Poppy Harlow’s Inquisitiveness

Known for her perceptive journalism, Poppy Harlow promptly inquired about Lemon’s statement. She sought clarification regarding what he meant by “prime.”

Lemon, seemingly caught off guard, attempted to clarify that he was merely referencing information found in Google search results.

The Timely Intermission

Following this tense exchange, Poppy Harlow decided to take an unscheduled intermission.

What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN
What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN?

This move left viewers and colleagues speculating about whether she required a moment to regain her composure following the incident. It was a notable pause in a live broadcast, conveying the intensity of the situation.

Kaitlan Collins Follows Suit

Kaitlan Collins, who had previously experienced her own disagreements with Don Lemon, followed Poppy Harlow to the restroom.

This occurrence shed light on the strained relationship that had been brewing for months among Lemon, Collins, and Harlow.

While Harlow remained tight-lipped about the incident, a source close to her humorously remarked that even a woman in her prime occasionally requires a restroom break on Thursday mornings.

Internal Turmoil at CNN

The incident between Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow did more than just generate headlines. It stirred significant internal stress at CNN.

Chris Licht, the network’s leader, faced mounting pressure to take action against Lemon due to the controversy and backlash sparked by his comments.

Licht reportedly held multiple discussions with Lemon, expressing his dissatisfaction and making it abundantly clear that such incidents could not be tolerated in the future.

The Consequences and Implications

The clash between Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon went beyond a momentary on-air disagreement. It underscored the tension within the CNN morning team and raised questions about Lemon’s future as a host on the program.

The fallout from this incident may have enduring implications for the network and its flagship morning show.

Where is Poppy Harlow Now?

As the dust settles on this dramatic incident, you might be curious about Poppy Harlow’s current role at CNN. She continues to be a correspondent for the network, based in the bustling news hub of New York.

Harlow’s diverse career at CNN encompasses reporting on breaking news, feature stories, and in-depth investigative pieces.

Her primary focus remains on business and economic news, exploring how it impacts policies and people on a global scale.

Harlow’s presence extends beyond domestic broadcasts; she has appeared as a business correspondent on CNN, CNN International, and HLN.

Intrigue and Uncertainty

The incident involving Poppy Harlow on CNN serves as a vivid reminder that even in the realm of professional journalism, unforeseen and tense moments can emerge.

As the repercussions of this on-air clash continue to reverberate through CNN, one question persists: What lies ahead for Poppy Harlow and her role on “CNN This Morning”? Only time will reveal the answers to the intriguing questions surrounding this captivating incident.

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