What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN? Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change at CNN

In the fast-paced world of news reporting, staying positive and resilient can be a challenge. However, for Poppy Harlow, CNN This Morning’s anchor, her relentless optimism has become a powerful asset, helping her navigate through unexpected obstacles and setbacks.

Poppy Harlow: Who is she?

Poppy Harlow, a prominent American journalist, has an extensive career in media. Born as Katharine Julia Harlow on May 2, 1982, she has made significant contributions to news reporting.

As an anchor for CNN This Morning, Harlow is based in the network’s news bureau in New York. Her expertise also extends to business reporting, having served as a business correspondent for CNN, CNN International, and HLN.

Currently, viewers can catch Poppy Harlow co-anchoring CNN Newsroom on weekdays from 9 to 11 a.m., where her dedication to delivering informative and impactful news remains a key asset.

Poppy Harlow’s journalistic journey has been marked by her commitment to staying informed and providing viewers with insightful reporting.

What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN?

Poppy Harlow became the final anchor of CNN This Morning when unanticipated staffing changes gave the program a new focus.

Despite the weight of this responsibility, Harlow embraced the challenge with a sense of purpose and determination.

Her leadership and dedication to the show have been evident as she takes charge and ensures that the quality of the broadcast remains top-notch.

As CNN This Morning undergoes a re-envisioning process, Harlow’s enthusiasm for the show’s future remains unwavering. Instead of dwelling on the past, she embraces the opportunity to create something new and relevant for the viewers.

What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN?
What happened to Poppy Harlow on CNN?

Working closely with producers, Harlow emphasizes the importance of finding the perfect co-anchor to complement the show’s goals and maintain the positive, inclusive atmosphere that has been a hallmark of the program.

Poppy Harlow’s relentless optimism has not only been her strength but also a guiding light for CNN This Morning during challenging times.

As the show evolves into its next chapter, viewers can rest assured that Harlow’s empowering and positive approach will continue to drive the broadcast forward, delivering news that remains relevant and impactful in people’s lives.

Navigating Controversy with Grace

Every news program can face moments of controversy, and CNN This Morning was no exception. The show found itself embroiled in a media frenzy due to controversial comments made by co-anchor Don Lemon.

In these challenging situations, Harlow showed incredible poise and professionalism, addressing the issues head-on and maintaining the focus on delivering unbiased news.

Beyond her professional achievements, Harlow’s warmth and charisma have earned her lasting friendships with colleagues. Despite the viral on-air back-and-forths, Harlow shares a deep bond with Don Lemon, extending back years before they became co-anchors.

The news of Lemon’s departure may have been a shock, but Harlow’s ability to handle it with grace and understanding speaks volumes about the strength of their friendship.

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Poppy Harlow – FAQs

Why is her name, Poppy Harlow?

Her given name is Katharine Julia, but Harlow prefers to be called “Poppy” because it was a nickname she received as a young child. She does not remember hearing tales about her father’s time at Columbia.

How many children does Poppy Harlow have?

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States, Poppy Harlow was born on May 2, 1982. CNN This Morning (2022), CNN Newsroom (1989), and CNN This Morning Simulcast on HLN (2022) are among her best-known writing and producing credits. Sinisa Babcic has been her husband since September 1, 2012. They have two kids together.

What time is Poppy Harlow on?

ET, Poppy Harlow co-anchors CNN This Morning. The CNN podcast “BossFiles with Poppy Harlow,” which she also created and hosts, is called “BossFiles.” She used to co-anchor the weekdays from 9 to 11 a.m. ET edition of CNN Newsroom with Jim Sciutto.

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