What Happened to Petunia on Facebook? A French Bulldog’s Enigma

Discover the endearing yet enigmatic world of John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler’s loving French bulldog, Petunia. Veterinarians are perplexed by Petunia’s sickness, which is shrouded in shadows and endangers her life.

Petunia’s condition changed over the days, occasionally presenting a glimmer of hope only to be followed by a relapse into the worst of her illness. Anna began to wonder if she was dealing with a curse or something more evil as the darkness and mystery grew. 

Petunia: Who is she on Facebook?

Petunia was a French bulldog that John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler shared. Mulaney frequently mentioned Petunia in his stand-up comedy routines, referring to the proud fur parent as a snarky chain-smoking elderly woman with a French accent.

Shrouded in Shadows: The Mysterious Ailment of Petunia the French Bulldog

Anna Marie said: “I had my French bulldog, Petunia, for over ten years when I suddenly felt something was seriously wrong with her in February.

Every veterinarian I took her to was unable to identify anything concerning her tests or blood work, but I knew my pet and I knew she was ill. She began to sleep all the time, experienced spells of bewilderment, and appeared depressed all the time. EKGs, echocardiograms, and other noninvasive tests were all I could manage.”

What happened to Petunia on Facebook?

The specialist said, “Petunia’s heart disease has unexpectedly progressed, and it is apparently not OK. Since all of the local veterinarians could tell that this was not the Petunia we knew, the neurologist examined her as a courtesy.

Petunia most likely has a brain tumor or a brain stem condition, according to her analysis. Without a scan, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact problem, but Petunia should not be put to sleep, and to be honest, it does not matter right now.

Soon after this, Petunia died.

Guardian of Possessions: Unravelling Petunia’s Resource Guarding Behavior

Despite having an extremely cute face, Petunia was not what you would describe as “a good dog.” She was, in fact, really rude. She inherited resource guarding, one of the worst terrier qualities.

When a dog becomes so protective of something that you try to take it away from them, this is known as resource guarding. Many dogs preserve their toys as resources.

To understand Petunia better, Anna once made contact with an animal communicator in the hopes that Petunia would be able to share some information with her. Anna would then be able to beg her to quit watching over everything.

What Happened to Petunia on Facebook
What Happened to Petunia on Facebook?

The instructions from the animal communicator were fairly simple; all Anna had to do during the phone conversation was keep Petunia in the room and watch that she didn’t nod off.

Petunia would seem to enter a sleepy trance, she said, but as long as she wasn’t asleep, the communicator could converse with her and translate to me. And indeed, she did.

The communicator cautioned, “Animals have their personalities and free will, so just because I ask Petunia to do something does not mean Petunia will comply.

Healing Paws: Petunia’s Unwavering Love in the Depths of Despair

In December 2020, Petunia and Anna relocated to Connecticut due to Petunia’s catastrophic mental health collapse and what seemed to be her approaching divorce. They were even more inseparable and completely symbiotic with one another. She was always in Petunia’s line of sight.

While protecting once incited her primal wrath, she would now guard me with the deepest type of love Anna had ever experienced. She observed her closely as if Anna was the thing she now needed to guard.

Petunia’s role in Anna’s mental stability was crucial. The physicians ordered Anna to write a list of her reasons for life when she was admitted to the hospital in the first two weeks of 2021 for depression, self-harm, and acute suicide ideation. The lone item on that list was Petunia.

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Petunia – FAQs

Whose dog is Petunia?

Mulaney, 40, and ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler’s little French bulldog once had their own Instagram account, which has 132,000 followers as of today.

Who was the divorcee who kept Petunia?

Mulaney and Anna Marie never had any kids together, but Anna Marie was still in charge of Petunia.

What happened to the dog named Petunia?

Tendler and Mulaney both shared the news on their individual Instagram accounts that Petunia, who was in their 2014 wedding and would have turned 10 this June, had passed away, on their individual Instagram accounts today.

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