What happened to Pete Carroll? Why did he get fired?

Pete Carroll, one of only three coaches in NFL history to win a Super Bowl and a college football national championship, was the Seattle Seahawks head coach and executive vice president for 14 years.

His inclusive leadership style, combined with his ability to foster an “atmosphere of understanding” within teams, has helped him become one of the most well-known and respected figures in modern sports and beyond.

He encourages his players to be the best versions of themselves, allowing them to make mistakes, express their opinions, and be truly seen and heard for who they are.

His leadership approach is rooted in compassion, love, and the knowledge that each of us—whether player or coach, student or teacher—is constantly learning and evolving.

He’s founded several organizations and initiatives over the years that take this philosophy far beyond the football field, to help individuals, companies, teams, and young people connect with their life’s purpose and perform at their best.

In this article, we will discuss where is Pete in 2024.

What happened to Pete Carroll
Potential Candidates for Head Coach

What happened to Pete Carroll?

The Seattle Seahawks have fired Pete Carroll as head coach, the team announced Wednesday.
The Seahawks’ chair, Jody Allen, issued a statement announcing the move, thanking Carroll for his 14 years in the position.

In the statement, Allen stated that Carroll will “remain with the organization as an advisor.” The Seahawks and Carroll will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

On Sunday, Seattle defeated Arizona 21-20 to wrap up the regular season. The Seahawks entered the final two weeks of the regular season with a chance to make the playoffs for the 11th time under Carroll’s leadership, but a Week 17 loss to Pittsburgh left the team in need of help to finish the season.

Carroll is the most successful Seahawks coach in history, with a 137-89-1 record. He led the Seahawks to their only Super Bowl championship at the end of the 2013 season, defeating the Denver Broncos 43-8.

However, Carroll’s team never fully recovered from what happened in the Super Bowl a year later, with Russell Wilson’s goal-line interception in the final seconds, and Seattle never won another championship that could erase the memories of Super Bowl 49.

Under Carroll, the Seahawks made the playoffs ten times and won five NFC West titles, but they appeared to plateau near the end of his tenure.

Pete Carroll
Potential Candidates for Head Coach

Seattle finished with a losing record in 2021 and made the playoffs at 9-8 in 2022, but failed to make the expected leap to become a contender in the NFC West this season.

Despite the lackluster final chapter, Carroll’s tenure in Seattle will be remembered as the most successful since the franchise’s inception in 1976.

He created a player-friendly environment by allowing personalities to emerge within the defined structure of his system.

Who will succeed Pete Carroll in Seattle?

Following Pete Carroll’s unexpected departure, the Seattle Seahawks are looking for a new head coach. Before this announcement, there had been little speculation about potential candidates. However, several well-known names are being considered.

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