What happened to Pepsi at Wham? Wham’s Secret Weapon to Pop Icon

Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque-Crockett, a British pop singer born on December 10, 1958, is best known for her 1980s collaborations with the Pepsi & Shirlie duo.

Helen ‘Pepsi’ DeMacque grew up in London after her parents relocated there from St. Lucia in the 1950s. DeMacque has also appeared in films and television as Josephine Baker.

Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque and Shirlie Holliman We were Wham!’s backing vocalists before they performed as a duo.

In the captivating overture of the Netflix documentary, the secret weapons behind George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s UK shows are unveiled, and the spotlight falls on none other than Shirlie Holliman.

According to an interview gleaned from the official website of her musician-actor husband, Martin Kemp, Shirlie, the backing vocalist, was paid per performance—a testament to her invaluable contribution.

Amidst Wham!’s global conquest, Pepsi and Shirlie nurtured ambitions of their own. Following the seismic split of Wham! in 1986, they seamlessly transitioned into their own spotlight.

While George Michael charted a course for a more mature audience, Pepsi and Shirlie lent their vocal prowess to Wham!’s swan song, “The Final,” marking their emergence as the pop juggernauts Pepsi and Shirlie.

What happened to Pepsi at Wham?

Pepsi Demacque-Crockett
From rehearsing in George Michael’s living room to performing worldwide, Pepsi has come a long way.

Pepsi Demacque-Crockett, the vocal virtuoso renowned for her ’80s pop stardom alongside Shirlie in Pepsi and Shirlie, is embarking on a new chapter—this time as an author.

HarperFiction, in a two-book deal, eagerly snatched up the debut novel, “The Promise,” in which Pepsi weaves a tale inspired by her family’s immigration saga during the ’50s “Windrush” era.

Agnes and Raphael, the protagonists, venture from the Caribbean to Paddington, mirroring Pepsi’s own journey.

In a lyrical narrative, Pepsi explores the pursuit of dreams against the backdrop of hope, tragedy, and heartache. Kate Bradley, HarperFiction’s publishing director, expressed sheer delight in welcoming Pepsi to the literary realm, praising the novel’s epic nature and Pepsi’s unique ability to infuse a commercial touch into her beautifully crafted prose.

Set to launch in spring 2024, “The Promise” promises a captivating exploration of history and heritage, with St. Lucia and west London as its vibrant tapestries.

As Pepsi ventures into the world of words, HarperFiction anticipates an unmissable debut that will resonate far beyond its pages, marking the beginning of Pepsi’s enchanting journey as a HarperCollins wordsmith.

Wham’s Pepsi reveals the band rehearsed in George Michael’s mother’s living room before the Scottish gig.

Pepsi’s journey from rehearsing dance routines in George Michael’s mom’s living room to the whirlwind of Wham’s first gigs was a rollercoaster of surprises.

Plucked from obscurity to replace Dee C. Lee, she embarked on the Club Fantastic Tour, launching Wham! as the UK’s top pop band.

In Scotland, the screams of the audience were louder than the band, and the Scots’ ability to sing along left an unforgettable mark.

As Pepsi teamed up with Shirlie Holliman, they became as famous as the boys, cracking America and even performing as the first Western pop act in China.

Reflecting on George Michael’s passing, Pepsi described him as a brother and felt his spirit during the documentary and album promotions.

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