What happened to Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, began to hobble and hop around during the first half of Sunday’s rout of the Bears, which left everyone worried that he might have hurt his knee, ankle, or another lower extremity.

Mahomes’ Resilience Amidst Ankle Injury

In the first quarter of their Week 3 clash, the Chiefs dominated the Bears, cruising to a 34-0 halftime lead in front of the Arrowhead Stadium crowd.

However, there was ominous news just before the half when quarterback Patrick Mahomes injured his right ankle.

Fortunately for the Chiefs, Mahomes started the second half behind center after returning without a noticeable limp.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (Source: Instagram)

With Kansas City leading 31 points late in the second quarter, Mahomes, who played despite a high ankle sprain for much of the 2022 playoffs, stayed on the field.

However, the two-time NFL MVP displayed a noticeable limp after Bears defensive end Yannick Ngakoue rolled over the same ankle after a throwing play.

He remained under center for the final few seconds of the first half, but he didn’t move much in the pocket on his final pass. He then shook his head in disappointment as he left the field.

What happened to Patrick Mahomes?

The right ankle of Patrick Mahomes was hurt. Mahomes’ right ankle was rolled up on after a throw attempt as the Chiefs were leading the Bears 31-0 and still trying to score additional points near the end of the second half.

Chicago struck Mahomes’ right leg pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, and the defending MVP appeared to be in discomfort straight away.

What happened to Patrick Mahomes
What happened to Patrick Mahomes?

Mahomes continued to play while being visibly impaired. With a field goal to end the half, Kansas City led 34-0 going into the locker room.

Given the Chiefs’ lopsided victory, Andy Reid might have decided to bench Mahomes for most or all of the second half. Mahomes’ backup, the seasoned Blaine Gabbert, could have continued to lead Kansas City in what appears to be a close game.

As per multiple sources, Mahomes is fine

He was taken out of the game in the second half, but only because it was already over. Mahomes is not hurt in any way. The NFL needs to keep as many of its elite players healthy as possible, and the Chiefs both benefit greatly from this positive news.

Patrick Mahomes briefly expressed his worries. But following closer inspection, it became clear that the incident had little impact. Nevertheless, spectators felt a noticeable air of dread during the game on Sunday.

Mahomes showed signs of pain toward the end of the first half when he briefly limped due to an ankle roll. To everyone’s relief, though, Mahomes continued to play unfettered in the second half, and further questions in the postgame interview gave no reason for concern.

Up a resounding victory for the Chiefs, Mahomes put up a commendable performance all game long.

Mahomes’ Swift Return

After the break, though, Mahomes started jogging and throwing the ball. He returned to the game when the Chiefs started their opening series of the third quarter.

After Kansas City’s victory, Mahomes claimed his right ankle was in good shape. He also said that if the game on Sunday had been more intensely competitive, he could have played the entire thing.

The NFL Network reported Monday morning that Mahomes’ ankle is “all good,” adding that the reigning MVP didn’t sustain a significant injury and should be fine for the Chiefs’ Monday Night Football match.

In Kansas City’s Divisional Round victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars in January, Mahomes sustained a high ankle sprain.

The Chiefs’ backup, Chad Henne, took over at first, but Mahomes finally made a comeback. He started the AFC championship game before worsening his ankle injury during Kansas City’s Super Bowl triumph.

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