What happened to Patrick Cantlay? Hat Trick of Putts and Ryder Cup Drama

The 44th Ryder Cup at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club witnessed an electrifying moment when Patrick Cantlay’s clutch performance revived Team USA’s hopes in the tournament.

Cantlay’s remarkable feat included holing three consecutive putts on the final three holes of his fourballs match, injecting life into the competition and giving the American team a glimpse of a potential comeback in the Sunday singles matches, with the goal of retaining the prestigious Ryder Cup.

However, there has been a constant buzz about what happened to Patrick Cantlay among those who don’t know what controversy Patrick has created.

Dig into the article to know about the latest controversy and what happened to Patrick Cantlay.

Cold-Blooded Heroics

Cantlay’s performance was reminiscent of Ian Poulter’s legendary late surge during the 2012 Ryder Cup, where Poulter’s inspired play helped lead the European team to a memorable comeback at Medinah.

Cantlay’s heroics, particularly on the final holes, showcased his composure and skill under pressure.

What happened to Patrick Cantlay?

Patrick Cantlay’s controversy revolved around his decision not to wear the official Team USA cap during the Ryder Cup matches.

Reports circulated that he believed players should be compensated for their participation in the Ryder Cup and was demonstrating his frustration by refusing to wear the team cap. These claims were attributed to unnamed sources.

What happened to Patrick Cantlay
What happened to Patrick Cantlay?

This decision not to wear the official cap generated fan taunting, with spectators chanting phrases like “Show me the money” and waving their own hats in jest at Cantlay, who played without a hat.

Despite the controversy and fan reactions, Cantlay remained committed to the competition and was instrumental in Team USA’s effort to make a comeback in the Ryder Cup.

Hatless and Hat-Fitting Explanations

Notably, Cantlay is a regular wearer of a hat on the PGA Tour, sponsored by DeWalt, a prominent tool maker.

When questioned about his decision not to wear a hat during the Ryder Cup, Cantlay explained that the official team cap did not fit him.

He asserted, “The hat doesn’t fit. This week, it did not fit, just as it did not fit at Whistling Straits. Everyone knows that.”

Critics and observers raised eyebrows at this explanation, as players are typically measured months in advance for team uniforms.

ESPN’s Michael Collins likened Cantlay’s statement to “a fat guy in Whole Foods saying, ‘I can’t find the vegetables.'”

Unwavering Desire to Win

Despite the controversy surrounding his hat choice and the rumors of a rift, it is crucial to acknowledge that Patrick Cantlay’s desire to win the Ryder Cup remained unwavering.

This is the same individual who, at Whistling Straits, passionately encouraged his teammates to “step on their neck and score 20 points.” His commitment to Team USA’s success was evident.

Fan Taunting and Hat-Gate

The controversy quickly spread to the grandstands, where fans began taunting Cantlay during his fourballs match alongside American Wyndham Clark against Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick.

Spectators chanted, “Show me the money,” and by the 16th hole, they were waving their own hats in jest at the hatless wonder.

Cantlay, rather than letting the taunts affect his performance, embraced the energy from the crowd. He viewed the fan reactions as fuel and shared his enthusiasm with his playing partner, Wyndham Clark.

Hat-Gate’s Unexpected Consequence

The incident involving Cantlay’s hat also led to an unforeseen consequence.

His experienced caddie, Joe LaCava, who had previously worked with golf legends Fred Couples and Tiger Woods during his extensive career, decided to join in the celebration on the 18th green by waving his hat.

However, this action irritated Rory McIlroy, who was in the process of lining up a crucial putt to tie the match. Tensions flared, and the situation escalated from a heated exchange to a personal confrontation.

The heated exchange spilled over from the golf course to the parking lot, where Shane Lowry had to intervene to restrain McIlroy and help him into his courtesy car, destined for the team hotel.

The Ryder Cup, already brimming with intensity, had become even more intriguing due to Cantlay’s hat choice.

Anticipating Future Developments

As the Ryder Cup continued, speculation arose about Cantlay possibly donning a hat with a provocative message the following day, further fueling the Hat-Gate controversy. The situation had captured the attention of golf enthusiasts and spectators worldwide.

Patrick Cantlay’s stunning Ryder Cup performance, highlighted by a hat trick of putts on the final three holes, injected excitement and hope into Team USA’s campaign.

Despite the controversy surrounding Cantlay’s hat choice and rumored disputes within the team, the Ryder Cup remained a showcase of competitive spirit and camaraderie among the players.

The unexpected drama stemming from Cantlay’s hatless appearance added an intriguing dimension to the prestigious tournament, leaving fans eager to see how the story would unfold.

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