What happened to Patricia on Southern Charm? The Southern Charm Matriarch’s Resilience Journey

Patricia Altschul was conceived on April 16, 1941. She is an American socialite, art collector, and reality television personality on the show Southern Charm.

She is the widow of Arthur G. Altschul, a previous Goldman Sachs partner and charity art collector. Mrs. Altschul has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including the New York Historical Society and Historic Hudson Valley (Rockefeller Family properties).

The Preservation Society of Charleston honored her with a Carolopolis Award in 2013 for her reconstruction of the historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston, SC.

Patricia had Three Marriages

Patricia married Lon Hayes Smith, an investment banker and financial advisor, in 1962, two years before she received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington.

The couple lived in Falls Church and McLean, Virginia, where their son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, was born. Patricia and Hayes-Smith divorced after 17 years of marriage in 1979.

Patricia married doctor and entrepreneur Edward Stitt Fleming on his yacht in 1989, ten years after they first met. He was the Psychiatric Institute of America’s president and CEO.

Patricia and Edward divorced after only six years of marriage in 1995. Patricia’s third marriage occurred only a year after her second divorce. In 1996, she married Arthur Goodhart Altschul, a general partner at Goldman Sachs & Company, an investment banking firm.

Edward died in 2002, at the age of 81. The marriage between the couple lasted only six years.

What happened to Patricia on Southern Charm?

Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm suffered a compression fracture of the spine, requiring bed rest for several weeks.

Despite the expected six-month recovery period due to her age, she was seen more mobile in a wheelchair with a personal caretaker on the Season 9 finale.

Patricia also reconnected with her former butler, Michael Kelcourse, for the first time since facing health setbacks.

Patricia Altschul's health struggles led to a reunion with Michael the Butler.
Patricia Altschul’s health struggles led to a reunion with Michael the Butler.

Patricia’s sassy moves on the dance floor indicate that her back is no longer bothering her. Patricia went on to say that her little dance clip serves as proof to her followers that she’s officially “back in business.”

After consulting with a doctor about her strained back a few months ago, it was determined that Patricia had suffered from a compression fracture of the spine, which required her to be on bed rest for a few weeks.

Patricia also stated that the doctor predicted that her recovery would take at least six months due to her age.

Despite the doctor’s recovery timeline, the Southern Charm matriarch appeared to be in better shape on the Season 9 finale, which aired on January 4, as she was more mobile because of her wheelchair use and having a personal caretaker.

Patricia joked that her nurse assisted her with her makeup routine, which included skin care, eyeliner, and a little blush. Patricia took to social media on December 24 to share a jolly clip of herself dancing along to Mariah Carey’s longtime holiday hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Patricia Altschul re-joins Michael “the Butler” Kelcourse

Patricia isn’t the only one who enjoys having fun on the dance floor. She recently reconnected with her former butler, Michael Kelcourse, for a quick bite.

Patricia shared an adorable photo of herself and Michael from a lunch date in Sarasota on December 14. Patricia was sipping a martini while Michael sipped a glass of water with lemon, as seen in the photograph, and the two were happy.

Patricia, of course, was thrilled to see her old friend; as she stated in her caption, she wrote that first there was COVID, then her back fracture, so this is the first time she has ever been able to spend time with Michael.

Michael expressed his gratitude to Patricia by saying that her visit was the best gift he had ever received.

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