What happened to Nikki and Jesse from Dr Phil?

The life stories of Nikki and Jesse are among the “Dr. Phil” episodes that have been the most engaging and transformative.

Their turbulent lives marred by addiction, broken relationships, and agonizing decisions were played out in front of an audience on the well-known talk show.

Niki, a once-promising college student, fell into the dark abyss of heroin addiction, leading to a life of homelessness and despair.

On the other side, Jesse is accused of abandoning his partner during pregnancy and tangled in a web of accusations and denials.

This article is about their unforgettable appearances on “Dr. Phil” and the remarkable transformation journey that followed them both.

Who is Nikki?

Niki Tartal underwent a  terrible addiction and homelessness. She got off to a good start in life as a college student, but she later developed a heroin addiction.

Her addiction led her down a dangerous path where she lived in a van, became pregnant, and developed a serious heroin addiction.

Her struggle with substance misuse began when she had alcohol for the first time at the age of 13 and first used heroin six years later.

She was forced to leave college due to her drug addiction, had to turn to prostitution for financial support, and repeatedly found herself in and out of jail for drug-related offenses.

When Niki was pregnant and 27 years old, her mother and younger sister realized how serious the situation was and made one last effort to save her.

What happened to Nikki from Dr Phil?

Niki was eight months pregnant, living with her fiancé in a van, hooked in a cycle of heroin addiction, and turning to prostitution to support her drug habit when she first appeared on the show.

It’s safe to say that Niki’s “Dr. Phil” story was terrible. She was a normal woman at first, but when she tried heroin and fell into its devastating grip, her life took a tragic turn. 

What happened to Nikki and Jesse from Dr Phil
What happened to Nikki and Jesse from Dr Phil?

Dr. Phil’s intervention and referral to therapy marked a significant turning point in Niki’s life. Over thirteen months, she was able to achieve sobriety, altering her life in the process.

Instead of being the same struggling woman, she returned to the show as an addict who had been helped. Niki oversaw a halfway home for women who were engaged in their recovery processes and had discovered satisfying employment at a rehab center.

Niki improved over time. She accomplished an excellent milestone of three years of sobriety by the end of December 2019.

She was now residing with her new husband and daughter, Adley, demonstrating the miraculous transformation that had occurred since her initial appearance on “Dr. Phil.”

Nikki’s path to recovery

Niki’s extraordinary journey, which was documented for everyone to see in Dr. Phil’s show archives, stands as an encouraging example of the transformative power of change.

Niki credits the hardworking Dr. Phil staff and the steadfast care she received from the caring staff at Hanley Center on 45th Street for her remarkable recovery.

Niki awoke on Christmas Day of 2016 with a clear head and a desire to live in the present. Her mind was occupied with the urge to make precious memories with her newborn daughter rather than dwelling on the ideas of drug traffickers.

What happened to Jesse on Dr. Phil?

Mary claims that Jesse “convinced” Mary to undergo an abortion the first time she became pregnant with one of their kids.

The major issue, according to Mary, is that even though having these children was planned and decided upon, Jesse would leave as soon as Mary became pregnant.

For whatever reason, Jesse was completely repelled by Mary and claimed that she had messed up his genes when baby numbers two and three were born.

Mary believes that she continued having children because she needed love and sought a solution to the emotional gulf between herself and Jesse.

Naturally, Jesse dismissed everything as a fabrication, going on to claim that she was nothing more than a booty call whom he had three times pregnant.

Several “he said, she said” exchanges concerning an event that occurred at the hotel the couple was staying at the night before the show ensued for the following few minutes.

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