What happened to Nick from Chrisley Knows Best? Tragic End of a Rising Star

In this heart-wrenching tale, we delve into the life and untimely demise of Nick Kerdiles, the former ice hockey player and once-fiancé of Savannah Chrisley.

From his early days on the ice to his promising career in real estate, we explore the remarkable journey that was cut short at the age of 29 due to a tragic accident.

Find out what kind of legacy he leaves behind and the difference he made both on and off the field.

A short introduction to Nick Kerdiles

On January 11, 1994, in Lewisville, Texas, Nicolas Kerdiles was born. Because of his father’s work in medical equipment sales, the Kerdiles family moved around a lot before settling in Irvine, California, where Nicolas started playing roller hockey.

Around the age of eight, he switched to ice hockey and started playing with the Los Angeles Kings junior team.

With the Los Angeles Hockey Club, Kerdiles took part in the 2007 Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament.

Where was Nick born, and is he French?

His father, Michel, is French, and his mother, Nathalie, is French-Canadian, Although he was born in Texas, Kerdiles spent most of the first six years of his life in France.

Nick Kerdiles is an American ice hockey player who currently has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His net worth is largely the result of his success as an American ice hockey player.

Nick is a prominent figure in the realm of natural language processing (NLP), standing as a rising star in this field. He has made significant contributions to the development of large language models, such as the impressive Bard.

Additionally, Kerdiles was a co-founder of Hugging Face, a business whose goal is to advance NLP by making datasets and tools available to the public.

Are Nick and Savannah Chrisley still together?

After starting dating in November 2017, Chrisley and Kerdiles declared their engagement in late 2018 and finally called it quits on their July 2020 wedding.

In September of that year, Chrisley disclosed on Instagram—which has since been removed—that the couple had made the decision to part ways.

What happened to Nick from Chrisley Knows Best?

Nick, from Chrisley Knows Best, passed away at the age of 29. Former professional ice hockey player Nicolas Kerdiles, the ex-fiance of Savannah Chrisley, passed away early on September 23 in Nashville, Tennessee, following his involvement in a motorcycle accident.

What happened to Nick from Chrisley Knows Best
Nick from Chrisley Knows Best

How did Nick from Chrisley Knows Best die?

According to a statement from Nashville Police to CNN affiliate WSMV, Kerdiles was operating a motorcycle when he collided with an SUV at the intersection of 14th Avenue North and Wheless Street.

According to the preliminary investigation, he crossed a stop sign and collided with the driver’s side of a BMW, according to the police.

The SUV driver came to a stop right away, and according to the police, neither driver showed any signs of impairment. No charges are anticipated, police said.

Following his transfer to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Kerdiles succumbed to his injuries.

In the second round of the 2012 NHL Draft, Kerdiles was selected by the Anaheim Ducks. Only three games were played by him with the Ducks in the 2016–17 and 2017–18 seasons.

The Ducks posted a condolence message on X, the former name of Twitter.

We were devastated to learn that Nic Kerdiles died in a motorcycle accident this morning.

In 2017, Nic, an Irvine native, made history by becoming the first Orange County player to play for the Ducks, according to the team. “Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with his family and loved ones.”

The touching video after his death

After his passing, Nick Kerdiles is left with many happy memories. Kerdiles, who was known for being former Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley’s ex-fiancé, died in a motorcycle crash Saturday morning in Nashville.

The real estate firm that employed Kerdiles as an agent released a heartfelt remembrance of him for his contributions to the field on Thursday.

In their video, the company said he was a rising star in the Nashville real estate landscape, having sold over 100 homes and earning a spot in our division as one of our youngest members ever admitted.

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