What happened to Nevaeh from Dougherty Dozen? Did she move out?

Child of the Dougherty Dozen, a family of 12, who gained prominence on TikTok and a TikTok star.

In April 2022, she and her brother, Dayshawn Dougherty, moved in with the family. They have more than 6 million fans on the TikTok page, where they are featured.

“It went smoothly. I travelled, Family News. I created a vlog on YouTube, but I also wanted to post an update here. Nevaeh & Dayshawn’s case went to court last week.”

Fetal alcohol syndrome

An interesting fact about Alicia and Josh’s adoptive children is that six have FAS or fetal alcohol syndrome.

They have received accolades for providing these kids with a secure and loving environment, preserving sibling bonds, and growing their biological and adoptive sons, Dash, Jordan, and Jason, like triplets.

Alicia has also received much attention for her “supermom” movies, in which she records montages of her 5 A.M. routine of preparing breakfast, lunches, dinner, and snacks for her 12 kids. But a closer look at the family will rapidly reveal gaps in their façade.

Privacy disclosing

Concerns regarding Alicia’s failure to protect her children’s privacy is one of the main reasons the Dougherty Dozen has come under fire.

The frequency with which Alicia has revealed her kids’ diagnoses, illnesses, or habits to her zillions of fans is particularly alarming.

She revealed one of her adopted son’s illnesses in a stunning video, compiling the list to wow people with its length.

The list contained incredibly intimate information, including the horrific residences he had lived in. She continued by saying that he had been “dealt the worst deck of cards in life.”

After watching the video, many people were left wondering how this boy would handle his medical background and tragic past later in life.

What happened to Nevaeh from Dougherty Dozen?

Nevaeh is moving out of her house. There are now just 13 family members in the house. Alicia posted on Instagram about her moving out.

What happened to Nevaeh from Dougherty Dozen? Did she move out?
What happened to Nevaeh from Dougherty Dozen?

Some of their followers have commented that they would love to see the children move out because they feel Alicia isn’t right for them.

Alicia’s addiction to shopping

They are challenging even for people familiar with Alicia’s morning routines and shopping trips.

By creating massive food displays daily, buying her kids gifts worth thousands of dollars each for their birthdays, placing massive, fast food orders, and routinely spending thousands of dollars filling up cart after cart at the grocery store, Alicia uses the shock factor to gain views.

She has 12 children, so she must purchase items in multiples of 12, even if not all children require that particular item.

For instance, she recently purchased new toothbrushes for each of the 12 children. Another time, she purchased a McDonald’s McGriddle meal for all 12 children, which included a sandwich, hashbrowns, and a large drink.

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