What happened to Nelson from The Challenge? Why is The Challenge’s Nelson in the hospital?

The Challenge is a reality competition show on MTV that is a spin-off of two of the network’s reality shows, The Real World and Road Rules.

The series premiered on June 1, 1998. The show was originally titled Road Rules: All Stars, and had notable Real World alumni participate in a Road Rules style road-trip.

For the second season, it was called Real World/Road Rules Challenge; by the show’s nineteenth season, it had been condensed to just The Challenge.

What happened to Nelson from The Challenge
The MTV star shared an update about his surgery on Instagram.

Every season since the fourth has given the program a different subtitle, like Rivals. Each season consists of a format and theme from which the subtitle is derived.

“The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion” final aired on Wednesday, February 14 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Stream the last stretch of the show for free with Philo and Fubo’s free trials.

What happened to Nelson from the Challenge?

Nelson Thomas was the best athlete in the world and a fierce competitor. But following a horrific accident, he will now have to confront the unanticipated.

“I’m doing a lot better,” Nelson said. “I’m doing good. I’m smiling.”

Nelson Thomas, star of The Challenge, suffered severe injuries in his car accident and had to have part of his leg amputated a year later.

The 35-year-old reality star took to social media to share an update on his progress from his hospital bed to his home.

Thomas shared a video of his amputated leg on TikTok, showing him bending his knee for the first time since the surgery.


“When I moved my knee for the first time, it was incredible to witness it in person. #March 5th #amputee #belowkneeamputee #blessed,” Thomas captioned the video.

He added, “I’m truly blessed!” In one video, Thomas says, “I am already talking to a coach about the Paralympics in August 2024, this year,” to the medical personnel who are bandaging his leg. What are your thoughts?

A video of Thomas at home was later shared by him, in which he joked, “At least they let me keep my good foot, right?”

After giving a more somber update, he said that the previous two days following the surgery had left him in “a lot of pain” and that it had been a “hard three days.”

Who saved Nelson from The Challenge?

Rita, a brave woman, started unloading him from the car first, Nelsons said, with help from Abdul, Arthur, and K.J. Osborn, passersby.

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