What happened to Navarro in True Detective? True Detective is over, but its ghosts still exist

True Detective: Night Country’s season finale “Part Six” provides certainty about what happened to the men from Tsalal Arctic Research Station: the characters known on set as the “Justice Ladies” executed the men for killing Annie K.

That mystery has been solved, but “Part Six” leaves two other questions open for audiences to answer for themselves based on the evidence presented throughout Night Country: How does the series’ supernatural component play into the Tsalal men’s fate, and is Navarro dead or alive at the series’ end?

Showrunner Issa López and actress Kali Reis have different levels of reticence about their readings of the ending.

Nonetheless, they shared their answers to both questions with Vulture, albeit with plenty of ambiguity, as is typical of Night Country.

What happened to Navarro in True Detective?

Liz Danvers, Foster’s police chief, is questioned about the murder of the scientists at the Tsalal Arctic Research Station in the show’s finale.

The season finale reveals that the scientists murdered Annie K. after she discovered that they had been deliberately polluting the town.

A group of local women known as the ‘Justice Ladies’ decided to exact revenge for Anna K’s death by sending the scientist out naked into the ice fields to die. In the interview, it is clear that Danvers has decided to cover up for the women. Navarro’s disappearance is also revealed here.

In the final episode, Navarro’s fate remains unknown.

In a series of flashbacks, Danvers visits Navarro’s house and discovers the polar bear toy of Navarro’s deceased son, and her mobile phone – but there is no trace of Navarro.

The audience then sees Navarro walk onto the ice, as she has repeatedly threatened to do throughout the series. The final scene, however, contains a twist.

What happened to Navarro in True Detective

Danvers and Navarro are seen on the porch of a lakeside cottage, but it’s not clear if this is a vision or if she is alive.

In an interview, showrunner Issa López stated that there is no correct answer. “I am not saying she is alive, nor am I saying she is dead… I carefully designed this as an ink block test to help you discover yourself as an audience member.

Where is Navarro, True Detective?

“No one ever really leaves.” Perhaps this means that Navarro committed suicide and her spirit is still with Danvers; Danvers sees the deceased on occasion throughout the series, just as Navarro did.

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