What Happened To Murph And Mac? Paul McCaffrey From The “Murph and Mac Show” Has Been Removed From The KNBR Network

Paul McCaffrey was removed from the employment hook by KNBR, Santangelo too announced his dismissal on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

Erik Engle, a producer of a morning show, and longtime executive Lee Hammer were also let go. 

It was revealed by two sources that KNBR also broke up with four of its six-person digital crew consisting of content creator Austin Scott, digital content producer Maureen Mahoney, reporter Danny Emerman (who covered the Giants and Warriors), and reporter Jake Hutchinson (who covered the 49ers). 

What happened to Murph and Mac?

The future of “Murph and Mac” hangs in balance with Paul McCaffrey’s removal from the show. This comes amidst a budget-cut spree.

What Happened To Murph And Mac
Murph And Mac

Adam Copeland, who co-hosts the afternoon show “Tolbert and Copes” with Tom Tolbert, was appointed programme director of KNBR.

Copeland and Tolbert discussed the departures live on the air on Wednesday after the afternoon show concluded.

Following Copeland and Tolbert’s departure, syndicated CBS Sports Radio content was broadcast on KNBR.

For almost eighteen years, McCaffrey and Brian Murphy have collaborated on the morning programme “Murph and Mac.”

Paulie Mac has served as Murphy’s sidekick since he was a sportswriter for the Chronicle.

What is the take of the programme director of KNBR on the recent removals?

Copeland remarked that the whole day had been incredibly challenging for them. He said that he adored the people he had to part ways with.

Though he was excited for their future, he firmly believed that their efforts should be recognised and honoured.

Tolbert stated that the whole thing was terrible. Having experienced a handful of these, he knew that it never gets any simpler since so many decent people are unemployed.

He expressed his disappointment over the current state of the radio business and the way things are in general.

Even when you give it your best effort and move on, a lot of people and their families are still impacted.

How did F.P. Santangelo take the layoff?

Santangelo was both surprised and stirred following the layoff. He vented his feelings on Twitter.

Santangelo played in the major leagues for seven seasons as a utility player. In 1999, he member of the San Francisco Giants, and in 2001, he was with the Oakland Athletics.

This was his second assignment at KNBR as a midnight host. During the previous season, Santangelo filled in on Giants radio broadcasts. He worked as the colour commentator for the Washington Nationals for ten years.

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