What happened to Moon and Tiko on Tiktok? Are they breaking up?

Rumors of a breakup between Moon and Tiko surfaced on October 17, 2023. Because of their joint videos on TikTok, the two have a large following.

Fans were taken aback by the news, in part because of how well-liked the couple’s joint videos have become.

Many people were curious to learn more about Moon and Tiko’s past after rumors spread that they were divorcing and ending their marriage.

These are the details of Moon and Tiko’s relationship that we are aware of, though there may be more.

Who are Moon and Tiko?

Moon is a well-known TikTok content creator whose full name is Oanh Moon Nguyen. Although she was born in Vietnam in 1991, she resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment.

Moon amassed a following of 15 million on TikTok thanks to her relatable and funny videos. She is quite active on Instagram and YouTube, where she has thousands of subscribers and followers.

Moon rose to fame with her humorous family-oriented movies and skits, in which her father and partner were frequently featured.

Her distinct style and unconventional use of the English language make her stand out in her videos.  

Moon is well-liked in the content creation industry thanks to her inventiveness and strong online presence. Her relatable and humorous videos have gained her a lot of popularity.

In their content, Moon often took center stage, but Tiko was a major contributor to their videos, which attracted millions of viewers.

He is of Armenian descent, and together with Moon, he captured the hearts of their fans with their creative and lighthearted content.

The entertaining and captivating videos that Moon and Tiko co-produced helped them become well-known. Skits, practical jokes, and familial ties were frequently featured in these videos.

The relationship updates of Moon and Tiko

On TikTok, Moon and Tiko’s romance was widely recognized. There is a rumor that Moon worked as a beautician before meeting her beau. In 2020, they began producing videos for a wide audience.

Despite the highs and lows of their relationship, Moon and Tiko were still able to inspire and amuse their fans with their real and relatable content.

The famous person on social media keeps her son’s identity a secret. She has also never posted anything about being pregnant.  

The vlogger’s estimated net worth varies from $832,000 to $1.25 million; did you know that? She makes money by creating and posting content on her social media platforms.

At first, a lot of people thought the video they used to announce their split was satire. But they quickly realized how serious the situation was.

What happened to Moon and Tiko on Tiktok?

Many followers of the well-known TikTok duo Moon and Tiko from @moontellthat are saddened by their split.

What happened to Moon and Tiko on Tiktok
Moon and Tiko

The September 2020 couple, Moon and Tiko provided no explanation for their sudden breakup.

The couple posted a video to their social media accounts on October 17, 2023. Moon spoke to the crowd and thanked them for their support over the past three years, while Tiko stood behind her.

In a video, they said their lives had taken them in different directions, and they had decided it was time to call it quits.

Subsequently, she announced, her face dejected, that it was their last video together. Moon expressed her hope that the same kind of support that their fans had given her and Tiko during their relationship would now be given to them individually.

Together, Moon and Tiko have been making videos on TikTok for more than two years, and together, they have over 15 million followers.

Funny skits, family videos featuring Moon’s father frequently, and practical jokes are the foundation of their content.

We are unable to determine the reason behind the couple’s separation because they only stated that life was tearing them apart.

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