What happened to Mike Williams? The tragic tale of his demise

Former NFL wide receiver Mike Williams spent the majority of his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to his agency, Mike Williams, a former NFL receiver injured in a construction accident two weeks ago and afterwards put on a ventilator, died on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Age-wise, he was 36. Williams was hospitalized in the Tampa area after an accident while working on an electrical job, according to Williams’ representative, who spoke with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

The Enter Sports Management employee Hadley Engelhard said, “He will be missed. He fought bravely all his life.

Early Life and Education

Buffalo-born May 18, 1987, saw the birth of Mike Williams. He was the youngest of the four kids born to Michael and Denise Williams.

Growing up in a challenging neighborhood, he encountered several difficulties. His areas of expertise at Riverside Institute of Technology were basketball and football.

Outstanding senior receiver; Western New York distinction. He averaged 28 points per game for the school basketball squad. He chose to play football at Syracuse University despite numerous offers.

What happened to Mike Williams?

Mike Williams, a former wide receiver with the Buffalo Bills, passed away at 36. He died in a terrible construction accident. He reportedly suffered a head injury while working on a construction job when a beam collapsed. His spinal cord was ruptured, and that produced cerebral swelling.

What happened to Mike Williams
What happened to Mike Williams?

When he arrived in the ICU on September 1, 2023, he was bleeding severely, and his diaphragm was pressing against his lungs. He was administered drugs to induce a coma but he never opened his eyes.

Mike Williams and the city of buffaloes

The loss of Mike Williams is a terrible blow to the neighborhood. Buffalo has been his home, save for a brief time during his NFL career. He attended Riverside High and was a city native. He then traveled nearby to Syracuse to play football.

In the 2010 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him, and he played for them until 2013. He then went back home and joined the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

He was having a hard time. Doug Marrone, who had also been his coach at Syracuse, welcomed him back. But during his collegiate football career, there is rumored to have been a falling out between the two after Mike Williams left the team after a vehicle accident.

While both guys at first downplayed the animosity from the prior relationship, things quickly turned sour.

His suspension by the NFL

Among the infractions were coming out in advance and disclosing his injury status before a game, appearing at the stadium in full pads, requesting a trade move, wearing socks, and violating league regulations.

The Buffalo Bills let him go after the conclusion of 2014.

He was a free agent for the entire year when the NFL suspended him in 2015 for an unspecified reason. He then joined the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad for 2016.

His involvement in the NFL ended there. He has 26 touchdowns, 3,089 yards, and 223 receptions to cap his football career.

Though little is known beyond that, the most recent heartbreaking news reveals that he was employed in construction following his time there.

Mike Williams may have outperformed the ordinary man on the football field, but he will always be remembered for his eccentric personality and ties to Buffalo.

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