What happened to Matthew on Love is Blind? Is Love Is Blind real or scripted?

Chris Coelen created Love Is Blind, a Netflix reality series produced by Kinetic Content, which premiered on February 13, 2020.

The show depicts a social experiment in which single men and women look for love and get engaged before meeting in person.

Each season’s episodes are available on Netflix for three to four weeks, followed by a reunion special and three “After the Altar” episodes that air several months later. The series has a large audience and receives numerous positive reviews from critics.

Some cast members have spoken out about working conditions on set; three former cast members have sued Netflix and production companies Kinetic Content and Delirium TV, alleging inhumane working conditions, false imprisonment, and sexual assault while filming.

Matthew on Love is Blind
Love is Blind may claim to be a matchmaking experiment.

The series ran for six seasons and was adapted into three international versions: Love Is Blind: Brazil, Love Is Blind: Japan, and Love Is Blind: Sweden.

What happened to Matthew on Love is Blind?

During the dating process, senior financial advisor Matthew, 37, formed connections with both real estate broker AD, 33, and medical device sales worker Amber, 31. It then became apparent that he was telling both women the same things.

First, he asked AD if he could marry her, and she revealed that her father had died. Back in the women’s quarters, AD overheard Amber telling some of the other girls that Matthew had said he wanted to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

This got AD’s attention, and when she asked Matthew about it the next time they spoke, he said he would leave with her right away if it came to that.

She then told Amber about the conversation, and the 31-year-old stated that she was finished with the experiment because her “worst fear” had been realized.

During their next conversation, AD informed Matthew that Amber had left. He responded by telling AD that he needed to go after Amber and also left, putting an end to things with him and AD.

Are Love Is Blind’s Amber and Matthew together?

Amber and Matthew
Amber and Matthew

It’s not clear whether Matthew and Amber got together after both leaving the show.
As of February 2024, they’re not following each other on Instagram, but this could be a contractual agreement so as not to spoil the show. Sunni is the “third person,” Matthew Dated.

While Matthew was already dating both A.D. and Amber, Sunni revealed that she was the third person he was dragging along.

Though Matthew’s relationships with all three women made it difficult for him to be unique or share his true self, Sunni explained that he didn’t even stay to say goodbye to her, instead leaving the pods without explanation.

Sunni’s time on Love Is Blind season 6 was not shown, so there is little evidence of her relationship with Matthew in the edited episodes, but given his behavior, this is not surprising.

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