What happened to Matt Ulrich? Jim Irsay Mourns for Matt Ulrich

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay made an announcement that came as a shocker for Matt Ulrich’s fans. The announcement has left every athlete lover heartbroken. Matt Ulrich had a spectacular career in sports and his legacy is worth remembering.

Ulrich’s Passion for Fatherhood and Athletics

Ulrich’s dedication to his family and passion for mentoring young athletes were central to his life. Working as the Chief Growth Officer and Partner at Profitable Ideas Exchange in Bozeman, Montana, Ulrich embraced fatherhood as his greatest joy. His company bio revealed his commitment to coaching and training young athletes in the community.

From the Gridiron to the Gym

Originally from Chicago, Ulrich played college football at Northwestern on a scholarship. As a three-year starter on the offensive line and team captain in 2004, he contributed to the team’s success, leading them to two bowl games and a Big Ten title in 2000. Ulrich’s academic achievements were also recognized as a member of the Academic All-Big Ten team.

After the 2005 NFL draft, Ulrich secured a free-agent contract with the Colts, playing two years on the active roster and participating in 10 games. Following his NFL career, he founded a sports performance clinic in Chicago in 2007 before moving to Montana with his wife to raise their family.

Ulrich’s Impact on Athletes

In Bozeman, Ulrich was the Head Coach at Mountain Edge Athletics, a speed and strength training facility. He achieved several lifting records at Northwestern, showcasing his strength and athleticism with impressive numbers.

Ulrich’s dedication to training extended beyond college as he worked with former USA Olympic coaches to enhance his skills.

Legacy of Strength and Achievement

Ulrich’s accomplishments included being a three-time Iron Cat, an award recognizing the highest level of strength, speed, and overall conditioning. His lifting records at Northwestern, such as a 475-pound bench press and a 715-pound squat, reflected his exceptional strength.

On his Pro Day, Ulrich impressed NFL scouts with top scores in various combine events, demonstrating his athleticism at 304 pounds.

Balancing Business and Education

Beyond his athletic achievements, Ulrich pursued executive education certifications from Stanford in strategic marketing management and from Harvard Business School in leading professional services firms.

He reflected on the importance of teamwork, grit, and leadership instilled in him during the Colts’ Super Bowl win in February 2007.

What happened to Matt Ulrich?

Matt Ulrich died at the age of 41. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay announced the passing of former reserve offensive lineman Matt Ulrich at the age of 41.

What happened to Matt Ulrich
Matt Ulrich

Ulrich played two seasons with the Colts, including the 2006 Super Bowl-winning team. Irsay expressed his sorrow, highlighting Ulrich’s impact on the team and describing him as a great person and a devoted father.

A Heartfelt Tribute from Jim Irsay

Irsay took to social media to share his condolences, stating, “I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of Matt Ulrich. Matt was with us only two seasons, but left his mark on many.”

He acknowledged Ulrich’s role in the Super Bowl victory and emphasized his reputation as a great dad. Irsay extended his prayers to Ulrich’s family during this difficult time.

Family’s Emotional Announcement

Ulrich, survived by his wife Alison and their four boys, was remembered in an emotional Facebook post by Alison. She expressed profound grief, stating, “Our beloved, one of a kind Matt has passed away and is in a better place.” She shared the family’s deep love for Matt and the immense void his absence has created.

Alison requested prayers for peace and comfort for their sons, who have lost their greatest fan, coach, and friend.

A Lasting Contribution to Football Research

At the time of his passing, Ulrich served as a player advisor for Harvard’s Football Players Health Study, contributing to research examining the health and well-being of former NFL players. His involvement showcased a commitment to understanding and improving the conditions impacting athletes post-football.

Memorial Services Pending

Details about memorial services for Ulrich are pending, as communicated by Alison on Facebook. She expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and love from those reaching out to the grieving family.

The football community and fans alike mourn the loss of a talented athlete, devoted father, and influential mentor in the world of sports.

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