What Happened To Matt Ryan? Matt Ryan’s NFL Journey- From the Heights of the Falcons to the Depths of the Colts

The story of football took an unexpected turn when veteran quarterback Matt Ryan—who spent 14 years with the Atlanta Falcons—found himself in the middle of a disorganized season with the Indianapolis Colts.

The quarterback, who had proudly worn the Falcons uniform for years, had a dramatic change of scenery when he was dealt to the Colts in exchange for a third-round draft selection. Fans and Ryan himself were taken aback by this abrupt decision because he had been preparing for another season in Atlanta.

The Shock of Adjustment

Falcons mainstay Matt Ryan said candidly about how surprised the quarterback was to learn about the deal. As he revealed his astonishment in an interview with The Athletic, “Things kind of escalated quickly within one week, and the entire dynamic changed.”

The seasoned quarterback surely found the sudden change from a comfortable atmosphere to one that was unfamiliar and difficult to adjust to difficult.

Difficulties and Failures in Colts Blue

Ryan’s only season with the Colts was not good at all. The QB had a rough time due to on-field issues, which included getting benched twice throughout the season.

The Colts’ dismal 4-12-1 regular season record was the result of failures that paralleled Ryan’s personal struggles on the field.

Finishing 12 games with 3,057 yards, 14 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and 38 sacks was a difficult chapter for the seasoned quarterback.

What Happened To Matt Ryan? A Horrible Chapter Ends

Unexpectedly, Matt Ryan’s catastrophic time with the Colts came to an end in March when the team terminated him. Looking back on the tumultuous last 18 months, Ryan put it bluntly as a “(expletive) show.”

Ryan emphasized his family’s tenacity in the face of upheaval, stressing that they came out of the trying time stronger and in a good place.

A Dangerous Future with a Sliver of Hope

Although Ryan has moved on to his new position as an analyst for CBS Sports, he hasn’t given up on his football career entirely.

The quarterback disclosed that he is maintaining his physical condition, raising the prospect of an NFL comeback. Ryan’s debut game with CBS Sports is scheduled to be the Week 1 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings, despite doubts regarding his future on the field.

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