What happened to Matt Riddle?

Uncover WWE superstar Matt Riddle’s fascinating journey as he tackles a traumatic airport incident and navigates the maze of legal complexity, all while his wrestling career hangs in the balance.

Matt Riddle has always been in controversy. Recently, he has been in a dramatic situation.

Matt Riddle: Who is he?

Matthew Fredrick Riddle, better known as Matt Riddle, is a professional wrestler from the United States. According to the most recent information, he is associated with WWE, especially appearing on the Raw brand.

Riddle’s professional path has been significant, beginning with his MMA exploits with organizations such as the UFC. He eventually moved on to professional wrestling, where he progressed through WWE’s developmental system, NXT, before reaching the Raw roster.

Riddle married Lisa Rennie in 2011, and the couple has two children: fraternal twin daughters and a son. 

However, their marriage ended in divorce in March 2022, signaling a dramatic change in his personal life in addition to his professional achievements in the wrestling world.

What happened to Matt Riddle?

WWE wrestler Matt Riddle made a severe claim against a Port Authority officer at John F. Kennedy International Airport, prompting a Port Authority police internal inquiry.

Riddle first shared a photo of the cop with a nasty remark on Instagram, which he subsequently deleted, in which he claimed to have been sexually raped by the police despite his rejection.

What happened to Matt Riddle
What happened to Matt Riddle?

 He further claimed that the officer purposefully made him feel “small and useless,” however he did not disclose specifics about the purported encounter.

This charge drew widespread attention and highlighted concerns about the behavior of law enforcement officials in similar situations, emphasizing the significance of examining and responding to allegations of wrongdoing.

What happened to the Airport?

According to TMZ, Port Authority police were dispatched to JFK Airport in response to a rowdy passenger disembarking from an aircraft, which turned out to be WWE talent Matt Riddle. According to police, Riddle and numerous witnesses were interrogated, but no charges were made, and everyone involved resumed their trips.

However, Port Authority authorities have stated that they will take the complaints seriously. As a result, an internal inquiry against the officer in question has been launched. Following this event, Riddle took to Instagram and captioned a selfie, “Finally leaving JFK, and I never wanna come back here again.” 

This incident emphasizes the importance of properly investigating claims of misbehavior, even if charges are not immediately brought, to establish accountability and retain public faith in law enforcement organizations.

Was Matt Riddle assaulted at the Airport?

It is not known whether Matt Riddle was assaulted at the airport or not. He accused the police of sexual assault.

According to Ringside News, one officer on the scene said that Matt Riddle was highly inebriated during the altercation at JFK Airport and sought to avoid more problems by leveraging his reputation as a WWE Superstar. Despite efforts to diffuse the situation, Riddle was involved in a violent altercation. Riddle allegedly disagreed with the officer in charge of the matter.

This new material implies that there were complications and tensions at the airport that may have contributed to the circumstances that led up to Riddle’s severe charge against the officer and the ensuing internal inquiry by Port Authority authorities.

Is Matt Riddle absent from WWE tonight?

Yes, Matt Riddle is absent from WWE tonight.

According to PWInsider, Matt Riddle will not be at “WWE Raw” tonight because of an alleged incident at JFK Airport that prompted an internal investigation. According to business sources, Riddle is no longer anticipated to perform at the weekend live events in Idaho and Washington, where he was previously slated to appear.

Riddle wrote a now-deleted Instagram post on Saturday in which he accused a police officer of sexually assaulting him and included a photo of the officer in question.

According to TMZ Sports, the incident is still being investigated, and Port Authority cops responded to a complaint for a disruptive individual, identified as Riddle, at the airport terminal after he departed from a plane.

There was no police complaint made, and Riddle apologized for the event, which caught everyone off guard. WWE has yet to comment officially on the incident or its impact on Riddle’s schedule.

Previous sexual assault allegations:

Wrestler Matt Riddle was accused of sexual assault by another wrestler, Candy Cartwright, in the summer of 2020. She stated that after a wrestling event in 2018, Riddle approached her and requested sex, and when she declined, he strangled her and forced her into a sexual act.

WWE stated they were looking into it, but Riddle disputed the allegations, claiming they were consensual. Riddle then obtained a restraining order against Cartwright, alleging harassment. However, he eventually abandoned his plea for a restraining order.

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