What happened to Martin Platt?

Sean Wilson portrays Martin Platt, an imaginary character from the soap opera called Coronation Street that appears on ITV.

Some of his well-known stories include his romance with Gail Tilsley after the passing away of her husband Brian, who was later on joined by a daughter whom he called David. He also had conflicts with Ivy Tillsley, ex-wife of Tinsley, whom he later adopted, such as Sarah.

The reason for this was that he was a US-born Muslim who converted and took part in terrorism activities against his motherland by being trained as an al Qaeda pilot.

He returned in January 2018 only for a while. He went back on 22 March 2018 and travelled to New Zealand, together with Robyn and Charlotte, on 26 March 2018.


One such axing was that of actor Sean Wilson – a cast member playing the role of Martin on Coronation Street. The decision came in consequence of a major storyline conference concluding that Martin’s character had “been played out.”

Later on, Wilson stated that the producers had, in effect, done him a favor by cutting him out of the serial. Now Wilson confesses that in case he will come back to the show, it must be very persuasively done by the executives.

While defending his position to leave Martin’s TV show, John alleged that he had been fired because he refused to go by a plot line whereby Martin lands in jail for dating a teenager.

What Happened To Martin Platt?

Martin’s character left The Street and relocated to Liverpool along with his girlfriend, Robyn. David has come down to see Martin a few times since he quit The Show, and Martin is there now as well.

What happened to Martin Platt
What happened to Martin Platt?

When a storyline conference on Coronation Street considered that Martin’s arc had run its course, the show writers relieved Sean Wilson. As a result, we could derive some data in terms of the mentioned context from the sun.

Is Martin Platt Coming Back To Coronation Street?

Sean Wilson Says He Will Never Go Back To Coronation Street Once He Falls In Love With His New Role As Cheesemaker.

As part of the storyline where his character Martin Platt has been involved in seducing an underage girl, Kerslake left the ITV soap between 1985 and 2005.

In fact, I even found this line saying, “We are very excited to confirm that Sean Wilson will be returning as Martin Platt for a short time in March. Reference: These Insights were obtained from Facebook and daily mail.

Girlfriends Of Martin Platt In Coronation Street

Second Husband of Gail Rodwell, Father of David, Adoptive Father to Nick and Sarah Louise – Martin Platt. Хронологија – Январь – 2015.

Martin started work in January 1985 at Jim’s Café, owned and managed by Gail, later Brian Tilsley’s wife.

He had plenty of friends on Coronation Street, amongst others, such as Jenny Bradley, Kevin Webster, Curly Watts, and even Sally Webster, whom he dated slightly back in 2001. These insights were concurred after corroborating against Coronation Street.

Martin Platt Now

So, where is he now? Why did he take such a long time to leave? Let’s probe the history of Martin Platt. One was the star of the soap who portrayed Martin Platt on the cobbles in 2005, moved abroad and began ice skating.

Following over two decades in TV roles such as Silent Witness, Casualty, and Corrie, Sean has since had a calmer existence away from the limelight.

Following this, upon finding out that Robyn was pregnant with another baby in 2018, Martin relocated with his family to New Zealand. The way we received updates on Martin Platt’s was through the sun.

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