What Happened to Maddie in School Spirits? Amanda Bruce of School Spirits explains what happened to Maddie

Maddie’s spirit was split from her body when Janet took control of her body and fled. In School Spirits Season 2, Maddie and her pals will have to figure out how to find Janet and get Maddie’s body back.

After School Spirits, Maddie finally discovered the truth about her unexplained death, but the resolution to her storyline was not what she had anticipated.

Maddie had a list of possible offenders that included her mother, her former best friend Claire, and Mr. Anderson. School Spirits describes the weight Maddie has borne as a result of her mother’s addiction to drink. Maddie’s mother struggles with alcoholism.

But Maddie was able to determine that her mother wasn’t the one who killed her after accompanying Simon to confront her. It turns out that Maddie’s disappearance was greatly influenced by a moment from episode 7.

What transpired in episode 7 of School Spirits?

Dawn ultimately passed away in episode 7 of School Spirits. The character’s electrocution caused her death.

After discovering that her pals were disparaging her behind her back, Dawn kept that hurt with her until Maddie made it clear to her that she wasn’t to blame for what had happened, at which point Dawn was able to forgive herself.

The lights in the school flickered as she went over, and she was bathed in a dazzling light that resembled the brightness of heaven.

When another student called Janet crossed over, Wally, Charley, and Rhonda observed that this didn’t happen, raising the possibility that Janet may not have truly gone over and may still be present.

 The mystery of Maddie’s death has finally been solved
The mystery of Maddie’s death has finally been solved

What Happened to Maddie on School Spirits?

Maddie is not dead and Janet has taken over her body. It’s not true that Maddie passed away and entered the afterlife of the School Spirits.

The fact that she had a very hard time recalling how she died while the other spirits remembered their deaths was a hint at this throughout the first season.

Maddie was possessed by Janet to give her another opportunity at life, which is why her spirit isn’t in her body.

This was also alluded to when Maddie said she was advised against hypnotising herself to prevent a ghost from taking over her body, even if she wanted to do it to recall how she died. It turns out that Mr. Martin was just as guilty as he appeared to be. He was beginning to look like a suspect.

Despite not killing Maddie, he was aware the entire time that Janet was utilizing her physical form. In the epilogue, Janet purchases a ticket to leave town while still inhabiting Maddie’s body.

It will be challenging to find her given her distance, making it impossible for Maddie to retrieve her corpse and resume her life.

Although the conclusion caught everyone off guard,
Paramount+ has renewed School Spirits for a second season. You can watch the first season of the show on Netflix and Paramount+.

How can Maddie reclaim her physical form?

To bring her body back into School Spirits, Maddie and her friends will need to put in a lot of work. Since most of them are unable to leave school, let alone their neighborhood, it will be challenging for them to find Janet if she leaves town with Maddie’s body.

Though it was previously stated that using hypnosis could result in someone taking over Maddie’s body, Maddie will likely use it to help her return to her own body.

The greatest mystery surrounding School Spirits still has to be solved: how will Maddie and her pals find Janet so she can resume her life?

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