What happened to Lucky Dog Host? Who replaced him on the show?

Brandon McMillan was the previous host of the hit program “Lucky Dog.” He is an American producer, writer, author, and television personality who also trains animals.

The most well-known role that Brandon has played is that of trainer and host of the CBS television series Lucky Dog.

In addition, he has received two Emmys for his work as Lucky Dog’s host.

We will talk about his departure from the hit show “Lucky Dog” and his current whereabouts in this article. Moreover, we will talk about his net worth and the person who took his place on the show.

Why is Lucky Dog one of the most popular shows?

“Lucky Dog” is a unique television program that celebrates the compassionate, better nature of the world and its people instead of mimicking the cringe-worthy, snide dialogue of prime-time dramas and unrealistic “reality” shows that poorly imitate life.

Fans said that even though this show was still a little phony and predictable, it was better with Brandon McMillan on it. Every show is essentially the same, so the newly revised version is awful and dull.

Everything seems so fake and staged since the new hosts took over, but when Brandon was hosting, everything seemed organic and full of love for animals.

New Hosts of Lucky Dog

It might have surprised longtime viewers of the weekly CBS series Lucky Dog and its host, Brandon McMillan, to learn that the Emmy Award-winning franchise had new hosts.

Social media was a flurry of activity, and many people seemed to have missed Brandon’s announcement on his personal pages that he was taking a leave of absence as host.

What happened to Lucky Dog Host
Lucky Dog Host

The show’s new hosts, Eric and Rashi Khanna Wiese, are a husband and wife team. When asked how they felt about stepping into such big shoes, Eric said, “The biggest hurdle has been taking over a show that is so well-loved and respected by an established fan base that is loyal to the previous host, Brandon McMillan.”

We were aware that we had extremely large shoes to fill, but looking back, I see that we were a little naive to believe that everything would go smoothly and that we would be welcomed right away. Still, the dogs were and will always be the center of our attention.

We are grateful that Brandon cleared the path for individuals like us and others to raise awareness of dog rescue because we know that his focus was the same.”

Given that Eric began volunteering at local shelters when he was 15 years old, his background makes him seem like the ideal replacement for the dog-centric rescue program.

His destiny was set when he encountered a dog trainer at one of the shelters. The teenager now aspires to foster dogs and work as a dog trainer.

Eric remembers, “The relationship the trainers had with the dogs really impressed me. I found it fascinating to watch the dogs learn new things and how they responded to cues. It seems like I realized then and there that working with dogs was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.” 

What happened to Lucky Dog host?

He left the show for an undisclosed reason. Brandon announced on Facebook on October 24 that he was leaving Lucky Dog.

The show is dynamic, shifting from exhibiting his “passion for saving dogs and training them for a purpose” to something more corporate-driven, which he cited as his reasons for leaving.

He claimed that the crew was having “the best times” when they started filming the show.

As the years went by, “big money started pouring into the show, which meant more cooks in the kitchen making decisions,” Brandon wrote.

This is where Hollywood can take a brilliant idea and turn it into a profitable venture. If the excitement is taken out of watching a TV show, it becomes less enjoyable.

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