What happened to Liver King Eye?

Brian Johnson, better known by his internet-based assumed name, Liver King, is an American fitness social entertainment influencer and finance manager.

He is known for advancing what he calls an “ancestral lifestyle,” which incorporates eating a lot of raw natural organs and meat, as well as eating liver every day. His eating regimen has been censured by nutritionists for being possibly dangerous.

Johnson teaches his nine “ancestral tenets”: rest, eat, move, safeguard, connect, cold, sun, battle, and bond.

He had denied using steroids to accomplish his build until 2022, after which a hole of private messages uncovered that he had spent more than $11,000 a month on anabolic steroids and other execution-upgrading drugs. At that point, he apologized for his direction on a YouTube video.

Dominating man

A biological necessity also increases my value and influence in my other roles. This week, I prayed for prayers and blessings to heal my eye rather than punishing myself with workouts.

Thank you to all the Primals out there who offered love. I then summoned my Mayan Shaman to guide us in the ceremony. Then I went and earned myself a huge AF load.

What happened to Liver King eye?

Liver King took hits, was knocked out, suffered a concussion, was carried to the hospital by ambulance, and suffered an eye injury.

What happened to Liver King eye
What happened to Liver King eye?

He said, “Fight is the eighth ancestral tenet. I’m not going out without a fight. I’m trying to heal by utilizing all the technology available.

The LK shaman conducted a cacao ceremony one evening that was all about blessings and healing and a mushroom ritual the following night that was all about you, you, you! Since I don’t get along with many people, I love to say that. I’m making an effort to relax and enjoy it.”


Brian Johnson, normally known as Liver King, has a noteworthy business sharpness and enterprising abilities that have helped him store his significant total assets.

Even though particulars about his schooling stay subtle, it’s unmistakable the Liver King is knowledgeable in various regions.

His mastery stretches from supporting his wife’s dental practice to maintaining a fruitful land business.

This suggests he probably has had some formal or self-trained growth opportunities that have added to these undertakings and made him capable in such spaces, highlighting the expansiveness of information expected for turning into an influencer like Liver King.

Dominating dad and husband

To inspire my boys with a sense of their worth, potential, and depth so they can one day see themselves as self-made monarchs.

I’ll summarise our celebration this week. We struggled to find our words as we sipped Macallan Stryker’s Barbarian.

My lover is my counterpoint to my lioness. She gives me my edge and completes me. This week, I explained my thoughts and corrected the record. Is Liver Queen being held captive

His net worth

According to credible reports, Liver King’s net worth is around $12 million. The couple that started “Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest” were Brian Johnson and his wife, who had previously opened a dental practice.

Later, he established “The Beef Organ Supplements Movement” to offer the public high-quality beef supplements.

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