What happened to Lindsay Clancy?

Patrick, Lindsay’s clattering husband, confessed to a friend of the family about his wife’s mental health issues and raised worries that she might be going through withdrawal from an anxiety medication from a month earlier.

Lindsay “seemed fairly normal, mostly quiet while on her phone and keeping to herself,” their acquaintance reportedly told authorities during a dinner date with their friends on January 22, two days before the alleged incidents took place, according to court filings.

Series of event

Prosecutors detailed the allegedly violent sequence of events in the family’s Duxbury home on January 24 during her initial arraignment in district court earlier this year.

They said Clancy tried to commit herself by jumping from a second-story window after strangling the kids with exercise bands while her husband was getting dinner.

Lindsay Clancy
Lindsay Clancy (Source: Facebook)

Clancy’s husband, Patrick, reportedly found her hurt on the ground outdoors when he got home. When he asked his wife where the kids were while dialling 911, she said they were in the basement.

In February, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague testified in court that Patrick Clancy could be heard entering the basement and yelling for his children as the 911 call continued.

What happened to Lindsay Clancy?

Lindsay Clancy killed her children. The sound of her husband finding his children and yelling in astonishment and misery follows. As time passes, his screams get louder and more agonized.

At the same time, Callan passed away from his wounds three days later at Boston Children’s Hospital.

According to the DA’s office, the state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner concluded that Callan died due to asphyxia-related complications, while Cora and Dawson were both pronounced dead.

What happened to Lindsay Clancy?
What happened to Lindsay Clancy?

Three allegations of murder and three counts of strangulation are being brought against 32-year-old Lindsay Clancy in relation to the deaths of Callan Clancy, eight months, Cora, 5, and Dawson, 3.

Prior charges were brought against her at Plymouth District Court. The case has been transferred to Plymouth Superior Court, which usually deals with more serious felonies, following Friday’s grand jury indictments.

Her mental health

Sprague and Clancy’s defence lawyer, Kevin J. Reddington, gave radically different descriptions of Clancy’s mental state before the alleged murders during the arraignment in February.

Reddington described Clancy as a loving mother whose mental health had gotten worse in the months after the birth of her youngest kid.

He further claimed that between October 2022 and January 2023, Clancy had received more than a dozen mental prescriptions.

Clancy reportedly told her husband she had a “moment of psychosis” after he left the house and over a week after the alleged killings when he heard a man’s voice asking her to kill the children and herself.

According to the prosecution, Patrick Clancy eventually admitted to police that his wife had never heard voices or used the term “psychosis” with him.

Lindsay Clancy’s Treatment

After being treated for her injuries at a hospital, Clancy was later admitted for mental health treatment at Tewksbury Hospital.

The district attorney’s office announced that she is being treated at a medical facility while imprisoned without bail.

She will later be charged in Plymouth Superior Court on the new allegations. Boston.com has contacted Reddington for comment regarding the fresh allegations.

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