What Happened To Libby Caswell? Did She Commit Suicide Or Was She Murdered?

Elizabeth “Libby” Caswell was a lovely, kind, and intelligent young lady. She raised her son Alexavier like a champ. In high school, she was a cheerleader and had a passion for modelling, dancing, and gymnastics.

She loved her family dearly, especially her kid, and had a huge heart. Like many of us, Libby had experienced hardships, but things were beginning to turn around for her as she found her footing.

What happened to Libby Caswell? Digging deep into the mysterious case of Libby Caswell

Libby Caswell died at the age of 21. Her life, regrettably, would take a surprising turn on December 11th, 2017.

What Happened To Libby Caswell
Libby Caswell

On December 11, 2017, early in the morning, Libby and her intermittent partner Devon made their way to the Sports Stadium Motel. They were said to have used narcotics and drink.

Devon was there with a friend of his. Devon got into a fight with Libby over his drug and alcohol addiction at one point.

According to Devon, Libby chose to take a shower at around eleven in the morning, and as Devon waited for her to finish, he fell asleep.

He said he woke up at about eight o’clock at night and saw a belt outside the bathroom door after realising she wasn’t in the room.

According to Devon, Libby fell to the ground while the belt was still around her neck when he opened the door.

He allegedly told police that he “freaked out” and went to his dad’s house while dialling 911 after failing to discover a pulse.

Shortly after, police showed up and spoke with a witness who claimed to have woken up to a dispute between a guy and a woman. “Please stop hurting me,” a female voice in the room was heard by him.

He says this occurred twenty minutes before the police arrived, but the policemen didn’t think he was genuine.

It is noteworthy that the case was initially investigated by the responding cops as a strangulation/homicide instead of a suicide.

Devon subsequently showed up for an interview at the police station. It was in the motel restroom when Libby was found.

She was positioned between the tub and the toilet on her left side and around her neck with Devon’s camouflage belt. Because of rigour mortis, her body was rigid, indicating that she had been dead for several hours.

She had blood dripping from her nose. Libby’s feet were leaning on the door of the bathroom.

Clothes, bottles of wine, and other items were strewn all over the motel room. Despite contradicting accounts and supporting evidence, Devon’s companion from that evening confirmed that Libby was suicidal and had been drinking vodka all morning.

This account is refuted by Libby’s toxicology testing, which indicates that she had no alcohol in her system.

A witness in the room next door also described hearing a loud banging sound that sounded like a man and woman fighting, along with a female voice pleading with him to stop harming him.

Several testimonies from Libby’s acquaintances and a caseworker she was assisting attest to recurrent episodes of spousal abuse.

To be more precise, Devon had made multiple attempts to strangle Libby, one of which was seen by a friend.

Libby wasn’t sure whether to go to a women’s home for domestic abuse, even though her caseworker was searching for them.

What’s the current status of the case?

The Independence Police Department closed the case after ruling it to be a suicide. The only person who is still on the fence is Devin, Libby’s boyfriend, due to his past drug usage and domestic abuse.

Cindy, Libby’s mother, and supporters from Alliance for HOPE have been seeking to reopen the case. Further, after reviewing Libby’s case, The Institute for Strangulation Prevention states that she did not commit suicide.

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