What Happened To Leslie On Love Island? Why Did Leslie Golden Abruptly Quit Season 3 of Love Island USA?

It has finally been revealed by Leslie Golden why she abruptly quit Love Island USA for season three.

Numerous casting errors occurred during Love Island USA’s third season, with Leslie Golden becoming the most recent islander to abruptly depart the programme.

Leslie first claimed on social media that she had left the show for “personal reasons,” but viewers came to learn of the actual reason behind her leaving later.

Leslie is still watching the show, but she’s moved to Hawaii, dating a new man, and is living her post-Love Island USA life.

What happened to Leslie on Love Island? What was the reason behind her abrupt departure from the show?

Leslie Golden, the star of Love Island USA season 3, was fired for bringing an illegal dab pen into the villa. She unexpectedly left the villa in 2021, leaving viewers perplexed.

What Happened To Leslie On Love Island
Leslie Golden

Noah Purvis was abruptly removed from Love Island USA season 2 in the past when information about his adult film career surfaced. Regarding season 3, there were several casting errors that occurred over the season.

Following her unexpected exit, Leslie took to social media to give her explanation for leaving Love Island USA before the upcoming episode aired in season three. The show gave a fleeting nod to Leslie’s departure.

Through her Instagram Stories, Leslie revealed her reasons for leaving the show, initially citing “Personal reasons” and dispelling any rumours of drama between her and the other Islanders.

After several weeks, Leslie took once more to respond to a fan inquiry over her departure from the show on Instagram Stories. “I wish I could say it.

It’s a really stupid explanation, but I think it’s funny,” she said. Very on-brand for me once more. But I did something a little criminal [laughs].”

Leslie was found to have broken the rules of the show and broken the law in Hawaii, where the third season of Love Island USA was taped, by carrying a dab pen into the villa.

What other contestants had left or were removed by the showrunners abruptly?

Unspecified family matters forced Slade Parker to exit the show right away after he and Wes Ogsbury entered the Love Island USA villa.

Next, the cast of Casa Amor was revealed, featuring Tony Caraballo, also known as Ballo. However, some of Ballo’s social media posts surfaced and were found to be questionable.

Ballo was consequently abruptly removed from the programme before the Casa Amor twist had started. Leslie is now the most recent islander to abruptly “disappear” from the cast.

Since leaving Love Island USA, what has Leslie been up to?

After a while, Leslie clarified her abrupt departure from Love Island USA and put the drama behind her. She mentioned her. She continues to follow the show on Instagram despite her Love Island experience.

Leslie is now residing in Hawaii and is in a romantic relationship with Austin Keil, an athlete who previously played rugby for the British Virgin Islands national team.

The couple frequently posts pictures and videos of themselves working out at the gym. After Love Island USA, Leslie seems content with her life, enjoying the warmth and spending time with her loved ones.

With her outspoken nature and tendency to exaggerate the other participants, Leslie was a terrific addition to Love Island USA season 3, but the show moved fast without giving her much credit when she left. Leslie eventually came clean and moved on from her while fans scrambled to find out more details.

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