What happened to Lauren in Coronation Street?

After weeks of speculation by Coronation Street viewers about the whereabouts of troubled teen Lauren Bolton, it appears that she may have been murdered.

Bloodstains on the curtains in Lauren’s apartment have prompted authorities to consider conducting a murder investigation into her disappearance, but the actress portraying Lauren may have given away the most important hint that she will not be returning to the soap opera.

Actress Cait Fitton has given a strong indication that her soap opera character will not be coming back, which astute viewers are certain indicates Lauren’s demise.

Corrie star Cait has changed her Instagram bio to read: ‘Previously Lauren in @coronationstreet’, seemingly confirming that she won’t be seen again on our screens.

The investigation into Lauren’s disappearance highlighted Daniel Osborne, her tutor, on Wednesday’s episode following DS Lisa Swain’s questioning of him.

What happened to Lauren in Coronation Street?
Coronation Street fans are shocked as Lauren’s ‘death’ is announced

What happened to Lauren in Coronation Street?

Following the shocking discovery, Lauren Bolton, a missing teenager, was given a cause of death by the police on Friday night, which Coronation Street viewers witnessed.

This week, after blood and human tissue were discovered on her apartment’s curtains, detectives concluded in the most recent episode that the evidence pointed to her death.

They soon revealed their beliefs about her death, which were that she had been killed.

Following the discovery of blood and human tissue on an object from the apartment, DS Swain further verified the location of a possible murder weapon.

What happened to Lauren

Swain stated on Friday that she had probably been struck over the head because of the evidence found—blood splatter and tissue consistent with blunt head trauma—which led to the murder of suspect Roy Cropper.

Furthermore, she also disclosed that blood was found on a leg that had been discovered from a broken chair. Officers now believe someone attacked and killed Lauren with the chair leg, likely hitting her over the head.

While nobody has been found, they are convinced they have now solved her fate. Furthermore, DS Swain detained Roy on Friday night after asking him if cleaning Lauren’s apartment two days prior indicated he was attempting to hide his tracks.

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have identified the owner of the blood sample, and it is “not Lauren’s.”

A new twist involving Lauren Bolton could soon be revealed on the show, following the discovery of bloodstains in her flat.

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