What Happened to Lance on ‘Moonshiners’? Tragic Demise of a Moonshining Star

The dynamic personality from Discovery’s “Moonshiners,” Lance Waldroup, tragically passed away at the young age of thirty.

According to the autopsy reports, which were only made available to TMZ, Lance had severe obesity and cardiomyopathy, which made his congestive heart failure worse. His weight also increased to 580 pounds.

These results provide insight into the reality TV star’s health issues, which include a history of high blood pressure, thoughts of suicide, and an ongoing fight with opiate addiction.

In February of last year, Lance went outside to smoke, played computer games, and his mother Lynn found him unconscious on his bed.

Suboxone pills, which are used to treat opioid addiction, and crushed white powder have been found in the room, according to the autopsy report.

Although there is no direct connection between drugs and his demise, there was indication of drug misuse in his body.

Renowned for his daring attempts at distillation on “Moonshiners,” Lance Waldroup made a lasting impression on the program.

He was a dedicated distiller who was constantly looking to improve his moonshine concoctions, as Discovery remembers him with fondness.

Lance Waldroup
Moonshining maverick’s tragic tale: heart, spirits, and legacy intertwined.

‘Moonshiners’ Cast Member Deaths- A Legacy

The sole cast member to pass away throughout the 10-year run of “Moonshiners” was Lance Waldroup, who passed away tragically.

Jeff Waldroup, Lance’s father, who is also featured in the show, collaborated with him in their bootlegging enterprise situated in North Carolina. As the show marked its tenth anniversary last year, many thought about what became of its cast.

Lance’s passing, which was connected to his fights with obesity and opiate addiction in addition to congenital heart failure, is a shocking sign of the troubles individuals in the moonshining industry confront.

Despite the fact that Lance had an contagious enthusiasm on the show, watchers weren’t generally ready to see his inner battles.

The statement released by Discovery regarding Lance’s demise highlights his spirit of adventure and passion to creating delicious moonshine recipes. Since Lance and Jeff were last seen together in 2019, viewers have been unsure about Jeff’s possible comeback.

Lance Waldroup
Lance Waldroup

In spite of the fact that there has just been one cast member death, Lance’s, Steve Ray Tickle, endure a tumble from a rooftop and there were charges of a car crash that claimed his life.

Lance Waldroup’s retirement leaves an empty space in the unpredictable world of “Moonshiners,” and fans will surely remember him as a passionate distiller who had an unrelenting love for moonshining.

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