What happened to Lacitrus Asonta? Did the Love After Lockup actor die?

The Asonta Gholston family and friends have had a difficult weekend. His real name is Lacitrus Asonta Gholston.

Asonta and Raneka were coupled up for the current season of Love During Lockup, and it was anticipated that they would be together in the next season of Love After Lockup.

But something unfortunate happened, which led to the actor’s demise. Let’s get the details.

Asonta’s release from prison and recent legal troubles

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Asonta was released from a state prison in February of this year.

Asonta reportedly had some problems with further charges in another county, as you are aware if you’ve been watching Love During Lockup. I don’t think the Georgia DOC website would show that he served any more time in a county jail.

Due to a charge of obstructing an officer in 2020, Asonta’s probation was revoked in April. Asonta entered a guilty plea in May and was given a 90-day sentence with 90 days of credit for time already served.

According to the Georgia Gazette, Asonta was detained on June 6 in Habersham County.

Crossing guard rails, marijuana possession with the intent to distribute, and cocaine possession with the intent to distribute are some of the accusations.

An attempt to introduce contraband into a jail or prison is called “Crossing the Guard Line” in Georgia legislation.

Additionally, Asonta is purportedly accused of “moving over.” That must reference not swerving to make room for an emergency vehicle, right? No other details regarding this arrest or the charges could be found.

Asonta had civil concerns in addition to his criminal problems

According to court documents, the Georgia Department of Human Services sued Asonta in July of this year to collect child support for two children.

According to a Motion of Contempt, Asonta owes $10,403 as of June 30. Uncertainty exists regarding whether the alleged unpaid child support led to the issuance of a warrant.

What happened to lacitrus Asonta?

Asonta died, according to a post that Raneka published. Their relationship was rocky, as evidenced by mentioning it in her article when she shared the news of his passing.

What happened to Lacitrus Asonta? Did the Love After Lockup actor die?
What happened to Lacitrus Asonta?

Unknown factors may have sparked the police pursuit. Still, Asonta lost his life after colliding with another vehicle at a high rate of speed and inflicting injuries on four young people.

Police killed Asonta Gholston after escaping

Asonta Gholston’s passing was among the first reported by Raneka Hayes, who also said she would have loved him.

“We always fight, and I ain’t never put my pride aside, but he knows I’m going to be on his ass,” she wrote. Juwhop, may your soul rest in peace. I will always love you more than any woman who has ever lived, and I truly mean it. #RestInPeaceAsonta #1212 #Soul2Soul Juixe Mann.

Despite Raneka moving to Georgia to be with Asonta, it appears that he has been in and out of problems since his release earlier this year. However, based on her message, it seemed like she was still somehow connected to him.

According to a local radio station, the crash, which injured four teenagers and killed Asonta Gholston, resulted from a police chase.

Deaths of the Love After Lockup franchise

The passing of Asonta Gholston is only the most recent; there have been more deaths from the franchise in previous episodes of the show and its spinoffs.

Following their appearances on Love After Lockup, Tracie Wagaman, Alla Subbotina, and Scott Davey all passed away.

Even though Asonta’s death wasn’t due to an overdose, many program viewers can identify with the experiences some couples have had. In addition to leaving behind children, Asonta also has a pregnant girlfriend.

How Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup will handle his passing is uncertain. However, it is anticipated that they will do so eventually.

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