What happened to Lacey on 600 LB-Life? How is she doing today?

Since 2012, the American reality television series My 600-lb Life has been broadcast on the TLC network. Every episode chronicles the attempts of morbidly obese people, who typically start the show weighing at least 600 pounds (270 kg), to reach a healthy weight by following a year in their lives.

“Where Are They Now?” update episodes, which pick up a year or more after their original episodes aired, feature one or more former patients.

Under the supervision of Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, patients are initially given strict diet instructions in an attempt to lose weight on their own.

My 600-Lb Life, a popular reality show on TLC, has captured viewers’ attention for over ten years with its honest and personal depiction of people who struggle to live with larger bodies.

With the highly anticipated 12th season of the show approaching, fans can anticipate another anthology of tales showcasing the human spirit of tenacity.

Viewers experience an emotional rollercoaster with each of the seven episodes in the season as they follow one of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s patients as they set out on a journey they hope will change their life.

What happened to Lacey on 600 LB-Life
Did Lacey ever lose weight?

What happened to Lacey on 600 LB-Life?

The show gives an honest look at the willpower and tenacity needed to follow that path, from the initial consultation through the weight loss process and, for some, the potentially life-altering bariatric surgery.

My 600-Lb Life was given the go-ahead by TLC for a 12th season, with a premiere date of Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Fans of the long-running series can look forward to another emotional and transformative batch of episodes.

Although her journey on My 600-lb Life season 10 was unimpressive, Lacey Buckingham has since made progress toward her weight loss objectives.

What happened to Lacey on 600 LB

The Kennewick resident displayed her journey at the age of 36. Lacey suffered from severe body pain and breathing difficulties at the time, and she weighed more than 593 pounds.

Similar to the other cast members of My 600-lb Life, Dr. Now assigned Lacey a series of monthly mini-goals for weight loss. Even though Lacey had a few missed appointments, she ultimately made the decision to see Dr.

Now once more to get an update on her situation. Lacey failed to meet her weight loss objective by the end of her episode, and Dr. Now declined the surgery.

My 600-Lb Life — Lacey Buckingham 2024 Update, Has she dropped weight?

After her Season 10 episode concluded, many fans expressed concern. They hated the way they saw her treated. Many enquired as to Lacey Buckingham’s death and whether she was getting better.

Even though she is not working with Dr. Now, Lacey is still trying to lose weight. She had lost more than 120 pounds.

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