What Happened To Kyle Richards’ Best Friend? Kyle Richards Experiences Anxiety Recalling Her “Best Friend”

“Lorene was my partner in crime. We always thought we were separated at birth, but she was blonde and about six feet tall,” Kyle, 54, disclosed in her confessional on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Wednesday, December 13.

“When we were seven years old and in the second grade, Lorene and I had been best friends since then.”

“The most important person in my life outside of my family,” is how Kyle described her deceased friend. She claimed that Mauricio Umansky, her estranged husband, was among the people who didn’t know as much about her as Lorene did. Kyle said, “Your best friend of all those years knows everything.”

What happened to Kyle Richards’ best friend?

Kyle Richards’ best friend committed suicide in May 2022. “I am unable to utter the word.

The Bravo celebrity revealed to her therapist in a tearful clip from Wednesday’s show, which was taped late last year, “She took her life on May 1st.

” I’m not sure what transpired, as she was incredibly composed. She had control over the children, finances, and the entire estate according to her will.

She seemed so composed, and then suddenly—I’m not sure what occurred. I have no answers. It really irritates me.”

In 2015, Lorene appeared briefly on RHOBH with Kyle. Following her death, Kyle posted a moving remembrance of her friend.

Why did Lorene kill herself?

Lorene began to experience crippling depression. She had consistently been content. How did this come about? Everyone close to her came together and made every effort to enlist her assistance. However, the setup was broken. Kyle posted on May 20, 2022, to Instagram.

“It was impossible to get her the help she needed because of the system. Lorene passed away this past Sunday. She was let down by the system! Her loved ones, who are now in excruciating anguish, were let down by the system.

I’ll go to whatever lengths to try to assist in changing the laws that prohibit people from receiving the necessary assistance.”

Kyle elaborated on Lorene’s passing during the RHOBH episode on Wednesday, saying that she “never imagined something like this could happen.

What Happened To Kyle Richards’ Best Friend
Kyle Richards Experiences Anguish Recalling Her Late Best Friend Lorene Shea

” Following Lorene’s passing, there were conversations and continued arguments with her older sister, Kathy Hilton.

“I’m just trying to be in the company of people who support, love, and only want the best for me and them. Looking after my body,” she remarked.

“All I’m trying to do is everything that will give me a stronger sense of self. It has been effective.”

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