What happened to Kortney and Dave? Uncovering the Truth

Kortney and Dave Wilson, the powerful couple from “Masters of Flip,” made harsh decisions while going through the journey of their married life.

Dave’s visit to Nashville for a songwriting retreat prompted their groundbreaking experience, inciting him to make Nashville his long-lasting home.

Changing from music to land, they wandered into the universe of purchasing, flipping, and selling homes.

Throughout the long term, they extended their family with two organic youngsters, Jett and Tarnish, and took on their little girl, Lennox.

Despite this, their public presence was maintained for a time with their program “Making it Home with Kortney and Dave,” even as personal changes were taking place. This relationship, however brief, gained the backing of HGTV.

Kortney and Dave’s professions in real estate and television, as well as their charitable endeavors through the Kortney and Dave Wilson Foundation, have established them as community leaders.

Kortney Wilson: Who is she?

Kortney Wilson is a real estate professional, designer, and television presenter from Canada. She is most known for her appearances on the HGTV series “Masters of Flip” and “Making It Home with Kortney and Dave.”

Kortney was brought into the world in Windsor, Ontario, and experienced childhood in Sudbury, Ontario, before moving to Ayr, Ontario.

At 18 years old, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to seek a music vocation. Her music vocation never genuinely took off when she became a record manager at Verse Street Records.

Dave Wilson: Who is he?

Dave Wilson is a realtor, worker for hire, and TV host from Canada. He is generally known for his appearances on HGTV’s “Masters of Flip” and “Making It Home with Kortney and Dave.”

Dave was brought up in the Canadian city of Ottawa. He started working in development at an early age and ultimately settled his own contracting business. Kortney Wilson, his future spouse, met in the mid-2000s, and they wedded in 2001.

What happened to Kortney and Dave?

Kortney and Dave, the moderators of ‘Masters of Flip’, met in the mid-2000s when both were chasing after music vocations. Dave went gaga for Kortney while visiting Nashville for a songwriting retreat and chose to make it his long-lasting home.

What happened to Kortney and Dave
What happened to Kortney and Dave?

They changed their fixation from music to land, buying, flipping, and selling houses. They have two organic youngsters, Jett and Contaminate, and have embraced their girl, Lennox, over time. In 2015, the team rose to unmistakable quality with their show “Masters of Flip.”

In any case, they amazed fans in December 2019 when they reported their separation after more than 18 years of marriage, broadcasting their continuous love and regard for one another despite their partition.

Kortney and Dave Wilson initially continued hosting their new program, “Making it Home with Kortney and Dave,” after announcing their split.

HGTV has voiced its support for the pair and stated that they would continue to feature on HGTV Canada. This collaboration, however, was short-lived, as Dave Wilson abruptly quit the program after only one season for unspecified reasons.

Kortney then resumed “Making it Home” with her new co-host, Kenny Brain, as “Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny.”

Despite their professional split, Kortney and Dave appear to have maintained a cordial relationship, as seen by family images they’ve posted, including ones with their children, since their divorce.

Here you go for the video regarding Kortney and Dave’s relationship:

Where is Kortney and Dave?

Kortney and Dave Wilson now reside in Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve been there for almost 21 years and run a prosperous real estate company. They also host the hit HGTV show “Making It Home with Kortney and Dave.”

Kortney and Dave are enthusiastic about giving back to their community in addition to their jobs in real estate and television.

They are active with a variety of charity organizations, including the Kortney and Dave Wilson Foundation, which supports neglected areas with housing and education.

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