What happened to Kmarko? From Chief Editor to Controversy

In the realm of internet media, Keith Markovich, also referred to as Kmarko, is an experienced individual.

He made a name for himself as the chief editor and blogger at Barstool Sports, where his quick wit and charismatic delivery helped him rise to prominence in the startup phase of the business.

Even though he is no longer the editor-in-chief, Kmarko still contributes his distinct humor and comments as a blogger, showing everyone why he was previously known as The Soul of Barstool.

Who is Kmarko?

The moniker Kmarko, which was formerly synonymous with Barstool Sports, has taken on a new meaning in the internet media space.

His climb from self-described dropout of journalism school to editor-in-chief of a rapidly expanding digital empire and his eventual exit are tales of dramatic ascent and brewing scandal.

Keith Markovich, going by Kmarko, joined Barstool early on as a scrappy blog driven by irreverence and a tell-it-like-it-is mentality.

His writing struck a chord with the expanding Barstool audience with its explosive blend of sarcasm, humor, and unabashed honesty.

What happened to Kmarko
Kmarko’s Barstool behind the scene is revealed.

He kept a journal of his life, approached sports from a different angle and developed into an outspoken supporter of the underdog.

His ascent to the position of editor-in-chief in 2017 solidified his standing as a pivotal character, dubbed the Soul of Barstool by some.

What happened to Kmarko?

Kmarko, a self-described spelling bee champion and journalism school dropout, was among the first employees of Barstool Sports. In 2020, he resigned as the chief editor. In any case, he is still blogging for the platform today.

David Portnoy and Kmarko talked about his firing’s circumstances on The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co.

They spoke briefly about some of Kmarko’s career-defining missteps, such as the time he published a blog post by writer Zonker.

Zonker provided corrections on some remarks made by right-leaning radio presenter Kirk Minihane following George Floyd’s murder in the blog post. Kmarko drew criticism for publishing the piece.

Kmarko mentioned in the talk with David that he first heard about his demotion from a podcast episode. It seems that he was not given the opportunity to speak with someone face-to-face with the significant modifications until he consented to be a guest on The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co.

Keith Markovich

During a brief segment of the show, Kmarko and David talked about blog entries that were not appropriate for Barstool Sports.

This place hasn’t made me feel comfortable, Kmarko admitted. You came out of nowhere and called me lethargic after I had gone from working 16-hour days during the pandemic on a real high and putting myself out there.

Following the publication of Zonker’s post in 2020, supporters of Barstool Sports began requesting that Kmarko be removed.

Kmarko’s writing abilities were highly acclaimed but his inability to carry out a well-thought-out editorial plan drew criticism.

Kmarko remains a really decent blogger and was influential in the early days. He is terrible when it comes to collaborating with others or deciding what information belongs on social media.

His ability to collaborate with others and make wise decisions is truly lacking. He’s the editor-in-chief, which is a joke, Redditor u/BlazeNuggs commented. Do not need to #FireKmarko but demote him to blogger and get a competent EIC in.

The story of the rejected article idea was discussed in real time on television. In a different segment of the show, Kmarko argued his case and said that his strongly worded letters regarding the pitch were not meant to be taken seriously.

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