What happened to Kirk Minihane? A Writer Cup Golf Tournament Hole-in-One Controversy

A golf quarrel turns Kirk Minihane into a social media sensation in the world of sports.

Sports and controversy are sometimes inextricably linked, and on September 19, 2023, the Barstool Sports Writer Cup golf competition made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

What began as a pleasant scramble-format match quickly turned into a passionate controversy that grabbed both sports fans and politicians.

In this article, we’ll examine the incident that shook the Writer Cup, investigate the accompanying social media craze, and introduce you to the key players in this surprising golfing tale.

The Writer Cup: A Camaraderie and Competition Tradition

The Writer Cup golf tournament, organised by Barstool Sports, is normally a joyful occasion packed with camaraderie, humour, and strong competition among the sports media juggernaut’s writers and hosts.

Kirk Minihane
Kirk Minihane (Source: Barstool Sports / X)

However, the 2023 edition of this yearly show will be remembered for an incident that catapulted it into the spotlight.

The Controversial Putt That Changed the Game’s Path

The tournament’s controversy centred on a crucial putt made by Francis Ellis, one of the competitors. Kirk Minihane, a well-known personality in the Barstool Sports community, made the initial decision on the putt, declaring it a five-stroke effort.

This judgement sent shockwaves across the event since it contradicted Arian Foster’s subsequent successful four-stroke putt.

What happened to Kirk Minihane?

What started as a misunderstanding quickly turned into a heated argument. Kirk Minihane, known for his fiery personality and bold criticism, found himself unexpectedly at the eye of the storm.

What happened to Kirk Minihane? A Writer Cup Golf Tournament Hole-in-One Controversy
What happened to Kirk Minihane?

Even the creator of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, got involved, adding gasoline to the already raging fire. The event was videotaped and quickly went viral with the comment, ‘I Got Into A Heated Argument During The Writer Cup.

Online squabbles and social media uproar

As word of the argument spread, online conversations ensued, especially on Twitter. The golfing world was split on whether the putt should be recorded as a four- or five-stroke effort.

Even PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen and three-time Major champion Padraig Harrington expressed their opinions. Nonetheless, a definite answer proved elusive, allowing the debate to continue.

A Rallying Cry Emerges in Support of Kirk

During the ongoing argument, a hashtag, #KirkWasRight, arose on social media.

Kirk Minihane supporters banded together under this banner, strongly supporting his decision. The debate gripped not only the sports world but also gained a wider audience due to its viral nature.

Unravel the Mysteries: Who Is Kirk Minihane?

While anarchy reigned supreme, many people attempted to solve the mystery of Kirk Minihane. He is a Barstool Sports host and the creator of ‘The Kirk Minihane Show,’ a podcast on sports, politics, culture, and more.

Surprisingly, Minihane’s professional path did not always coincide with that of sports media.

He began his career in Hollywood as a screenwriter before turning to sports writing for WEEI.com. In 2013, he made a dramatic career change by joining WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show.

The Sports Connection at Barstool

Kirk Minihane left WEEI in 2019 to join the ranks of Barstool Sports, marking yet another professional turning point for him.

His employment with the company was cemented with a contract extension that binds him to Barstool Sports until June 15, 2024.

Most notably, Minihane’s ‘The Case,’ a true crime series, played a significant role in the arrest of Kevin Maler for the murder of Kevin Craig in 2019.

Finally, a Reminder of Unpredictable Controversies

The 2023 Writer Cup golf event will be remembered not for its golfing prowess, but for a spectacular rules argument that erupted on the lush course.

Kirk Minihane, known for his outspoken demeanour, was thrown into the fray, triggering heated arguments and discussions on social media.

As the dust settles, it serves as a sobering reminder that unforeseen controversies can capture the spotlight, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and participants alike.

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