What happened to Kiko from Below Deck?

What happened to Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran after the final scene was filmed on Below Deck Mediterranean? The cast constantly changes.

Kiko was mainly drama-free on board The Wellington during season five of the Bravo series since the Brazilian got along well with his employees, particularly the head stew, Hannah Ferrier.

Sadly, Captain Sandy’s cooking skills failed him by not providing any memorable meals, and his idea to serve fried food for the Vegas Night was a complete failure.

Who is Kiko?

The cook from Below Deck Mediterranean’s fifth season, Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran, is still working toward becoming a chef.

While working on the show, Kiko developed close relationships with his staff members, especially with Chief Steward Hannah Ferrier.

Kiko was friendly with the crew, but Captain Sandy Yawn complained that Kiko’s cooking did not meet yacht standards. Sandy was never impressed by Kiko’s dinners, and she concluded that he would never be a successful yacht chef.

In addition to being able to follow his dream of becoming a chef, Kiko also had the chance to learn how to sail a catamaran. Kiko learned how to cooperate with the rest of the crew even though he was the only cook on the yacht.

Kiko updates his Instagram account with images of the breathtaking locations he has loved visiting since beginning his new job last summer.

Travel destinations visited by the former reality star include Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic.

What happened to Kiko from Below Deck?

Kiko left the Below Deck. Tom Checketts, Maia White’s lover, took his place after he decided it was time for him to leave since he didn’t believe there was any way to win over Captain Sandy.

According to CheatSheet, Captain Sandy allegedly indicated that Kiko was “in way over his head”.

What happened to Kiko from Below Deck
What happened to Kiko from Below Deck?

After the Vegas night spectacle, Sandy and Kiko decided he wasn’t the greatest cook for the job. Vegas night was a flop after Kiko and Hannah decided to make fried delicacies for supper. It was poor, and Captain Sandy was furious.

Hannah was devastated when Kiko left Below Deck Med shortly after the charter concluded. Kiko was unable to convince Captain Sandy; therefore, his choice to leave Wellington’s ship was the best one for him.

After leaving the yacht in Spain two seasons ago, Kiko is still devoted to his work as a chef. In August 2020, he informed Decider that he had signed a two-year contract to begin working as a cook on a catamaran that would circumnavigate the globe.

Kiko told us that he started in Martinique and will carry on the owner’s world tour from there. “He wants to travel the world on boat. I’m therefore quite happy and eager about this new voyage,” he continued.

Where is Kiko Lorran now?

His time on Below Deck Mediterranean was brief, but it didn’t spell the end of his career at sea.

After his time spent shooting was up, Kiko consented to work as a chef on a catamaran and cruise around the globe for two years.

On Instagram, he has been sharing many pictures from his travels, including trips to waterfalls, surfing, and eating a ton of the local cuisine.

Kiko and Nicole’s relationship

Shortly after Below Deck Med, he produced his cookbook, The Surfers Cookbook, which was also made available as an ebook in the summer of 2020.

It was made even more special by the fact that he was crossing the globe with his girlfriend, Nicole Skwara, who had gotten a job on the ship as well.

The length of their relationship is uncertain, but it is clear that they sincerely adore one another.

So much so that Kiko got down on one knee and asked Nicole to marry him in April of last year.

He couldn’t wait to share the fantastic news, several happy photos, and a video of the priceless event on Instagram.

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