What Happened To Khanzaadi? Did She Quit Bigg Boss?

Khanzaadi has been hyping up her medical condition on Bigg Boss, and Salman has had his fill. Fans’ suspicion was stoked by Khanzaadi’s dramatic outburst and demand to leave.

Some others think she might be making her health issues more severe to win people over.

Salman disclosed during the session that she had not turned in any medical paperwork, which left the viewers wondering whether Khanzaadi’s physical health worries were genuine.

Who is Khanzaadi?

Renowned rapper, performer, and songwriter Khanzaadi—real name Firoza Khan—came to notice as a competitor on Salman Khan’s 17th season of the reality series Bigg Boss.

Khanzaadi is an Assamese Muslim from a middle-class family who was born and brought up in Assam, India.

Her involvement in MTV Hustle Season 2, India’s first rap competition, was the beginning of her entertainment career.

What Happened To Khanzaadi

Even though Khanzaadi didn’t have a godfather in the business, she persevered and worked hard to become a popular rapper. She competed on MTV Hustle Season 2 as a member of the EPR Rebels squad.

Thanks to her hard work and talent, Khanzaadi has gained notoriety in the music industry and is still making waves in the largely male rap and hip-hop sectors.

She was also in the news due to rumours of her romance with Lebanese model and former Bigg Boss OTT 2 competitor Jad Hadid, despite the briefness of their reported romance.

What happened to Khanzaadi?

Bigg Boss recently aired an episode that highlighted Khanzaadi’s emotional struggles related to her health. She confronted Salman Khan during an assignment and stated her unreported health concerns.

Salman retorted that she hadn’t turned in any medical reports and had been deemed healthy before the show.

This resulted in a heartbreaking episode in which Khanzaadi sobbed and said she wanted to quit the show.

Khanzaadi disclosed in the episode that she had spent the last three years of her life in a wheelchair.

She brought up her purported medical problem during a fight with Salman Khan when she revealed this information.

Salman Khan, the Bigg Boss presenter, expressed doubt despite her reports of good physical and mental condition when she arrived at the Bigg Boss house.

After watching the programme, viewers were left wondering if Khanzaadi was lying about her condition or if it was just a plot device.

Was Khanzaadi kicked out?

No, Bigg Boss has not evicted Khanzaadi. Salman Khan chastised her for bringing up health concerns a lot during the episode. Jigna Vora was eliminated in the same episode.

Khanzaadi, who claimed to have a medical ailment, requested to leave the event, which led to a heated argument.

Salman Khan seemed irritated and said that when she first entered the house, her health reports were normal.

Fans were left wondering about the veracity of Khanzaadi’s health concerns because, despite the turmoil, there is no confirmation of her eviction. After Jigna Vora was declared officially out of the Bigg Boss house, attention turned to her.

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