What happened to Kevin Beets?

Fans are looking for a bit of TV personality Kevin Beets, the Gold Miner.

Kevin Beets is his birth name, which he got on 10th June 1988. Therefore, as of 2023, Kevin Beets is 34 years old. As a celebrity TV personality, he goes by Kevin Beets, a Gold Miner.

Kevin made his first television appearance when he joined the reality show ‘Gold Rush’ in its fifth season. He was working with the Beets gang at their Paradise Hill claim.

For instance, he attempted to remove and assemble beet bacon strip machine one at Clear Creek and Eureka Creek Claim. He appeared in several cameos afterwards. He is also one of the stars of the series.

Kevin’s career

As for Kevin’s career, he has worked under his father within the Beets Crew for a long time. Among them, three brothers are in the mining business today. He encountered this first big obstacle in 2011.

For nearly three years, he was required to take charge of the Eureka campground. He worked before coming aboard his first dredge until the year 2013.

He likes to operate heavy machinery and refers to himself as ‘Master.’ He is not only a keen diver, musician and cookery enthusiast but also a skilled welder, mechanic and fabricator.

The youngest among the three is Kevin, and he runs a substantial group of miners at only 33. Having a bachelor’s in computer science and being a leader gives him all that is required to keep it fresh and flowing. On the contrary, he would use the latest dredging methods in the miners that enhance the team’s overall productivity.

What happened to Kevin Beets?

Kevin Beats is leaving the Gold Rush this year. Tony’s son left the Goldrush, leaving him with no option but to reconsider his prospects.

Although this is so, the show feeds off dramas, which Tony Beets provides. The first episode opened with Tony preparing for the season with his family, who traditionally worked with him.

What happened to Kevin Beets
What happened to Kevin Beets?

Later, it turned out strange when, just before the new season began, and while on his way home, his son Kevin informed him about taking a sabbatical in the forthcoming season.

This unexpected turn of events was foreshadowed earlier in the episode as Monica was all upbeat about the job, and Tony was getting lost in what path Kevin should take.

Towards the end of this episode, Tony was heard complaining about Kevin’s late arrival and that he had better be on the right path now.

On that critical day when Kevin missed work, Tony called him into his desktop computer through a video call. Kevin then disclosed their intention to defer for one year.

Tony was upset and exclaimed that it was the first time in the past twenty-three years that he didn’t come over during the summer.

It got even worse because Kevin did not tell Tony earlier and just appeared without showing up. In season 5, when they were at the Paradise Hill claim, Kevin became part of the Beets crew at the age of 26 years.

Kevin Beets Net Worth 2023

According to the persona, Kevin Beets’ projected net worth as of 2023 is $2 Million. Kevin Beets, a well-known TV personality and gold miner, was born on June 10, 1988. Kevin Beets’ career has brought in a respectable sum of money.

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