What happened to Kerry in The Bill? Tragic events unfold at Sun Hill

In the well-liked British police procedural television show “The Bill,” PC Devoted policeman Kerry Young became caught up in a terrifying plot with a menacing figure by the name of Gabriel Kent.

An unsettling and fatal series of events resulted from Gabriel’s excessive obsession with Kerry.

Another cop involved in this complicated story was PC Cameron Tait, who, after confronting Gabriel, ultimately decided to retire and go back to Sydney.

As the tension mounted, Kerry decided to reveal Gabriel’s dishonesty and his exploitation of his brother’s name as a means of employment at the Sun Hill police station.

As Kerry was leaving for the station to speak with Inspector Gina Gold about the problem, Gabriel shot her dead out of desperation, setting off a terrifying chain of events that culminated in the story’s horrific conclusion.

Who Was Kerry in The Bill?

Kerry was featured in the popular British television series The Bill. She first appeared onscreen during season three of the show and quickly became an integral part of its cast. In this article, we will explore who Kerry is and her role within the show.

Kerry was portrayed by actress Lisa Maxwell from 1992 to 1998. Her character was introduced as a police constable working at Sun Hill Police Station alongside other officers such as Jim Carver (Mark Wingett) and June Ackland (Trudie Goodwin).

During her time on The Bill, she developed relationships with many characters, including Sergeant Bob Cryer (Eric Richard), Inspector Andrew Monroe (Graham Cole), Detective Constable Debbie McAllister (Suzanne Maddock), and PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole). 

What happened to Kerry in The Bill?

Gabriel sexually assaulted PC Kerry Young after becoming obsessed with her in the hopes of separating her from PC Cameron Tait. Cameron chose to resign and go back to Sydney after attacking Gabriel in retaliation.

Kerry decided that the only thing left to do was to destroy Gabriel. She swore to expose and ruin his career when she found out he was using his brother’s name to work at Sun Hill.

Gabriel grabbed Hardy’s firearm and shot Kerry to death in the arms of Sergeant Dale Smith, Kerry’s lover when he learned that Kerry was going to the station to talk with Inspector Gina Gold.

After Hardy shot at Gabriel while he was apprehending a suspect, Hardy was identified as the shooter due to his poorly executed gunshot of the culprit.

Kent went to Hardy and hurled him off the balcony of Hardy’s apartment five stories to his death as the arrest team descended on them.

What happened to Kerry in The Bill
Lisa Maxwell

Gabriel noticed Andrea was watching him during the fire’s build-up and threatened him, which only made him more determined.

Kerry’s Strugle and Tragedy

Throughout her storyline on The Bill, Kerry faced various personal struggles that tested both her professional capabilities as well as her emotional strength.

These included dealing with domestic abuse issues when it came to one of her former partners, being accused of misconduct while investigating a case involving drugs, struggling with alcoholism due to stress related to work, and ultimately leaving Sun Hill after deciding not to take up an offer for a promotion because she felt unfulfilled in life outside of policing.

Despite all these challenges, however, Kerry remained loyal to those around her until eventually departing from Sun Hill at the end of Season Sixteen, following sixteen years of service there.  

The Bill plot

Every day, Sun Hill police station detectives and uniform officers uphold law and order. The duties of a police officer go far beyond simply apprehending offenders; they also frequently have to deal with irate members of the public and coworkers each day.

For those who serve in the Metropolitan Police Force, there is never an easy life—from violent drug dealers to small-time thieves.

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