What happened to Kenny Pickett? Debut and Injury in the Steelers’ Quarterback Shuffle

In Week 8 of the NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers, headed by rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett, were suddenly presented with an unanticipated task.

Following Pickett’s injury during the Steelers’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, many fans were left wondering what would happen to their young franchise quarterback.

The Steelers had to act quickly as Pickett exited the field, holding his right rib cage, and Mitchell Trubisky, a seasoned quarterback, was brought in to take over at quarterback.

The details of Mitchell Trubisky’s debut, Kenny Pickett’s injury, and the Steelers’ ramifications are discussed in this article.

The Ailment: Kenny Pickett’s Setback

With his outstanding accomplishments during the 2023 NFL season, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Kenny Pickett has become the buzz of the town. But he encountered a big obstacle during their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Following his exit from the field due to a right rib injury, observers and pundits conjectured about the extent of Pickett’s ailment.

What happened to Kenny Pickett?

Pickett’s specific injury time and the play that resulted in it are still being investigated. According to early reports, he departed the game because of soreness and discomfort in his right ribcage.

What happened to Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett

The coaching staff of the Steelers is keeping a close check on his recuperation as the season goes on, even though the precise nature of the injury is still unknown.

Stats of Performance Prior to the Injury

Prior to his untimely departure from the game, Kenny Pickett demonstrated his promise as the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With 73 yards on 10 of 16 throws, Pickett had neither thrown an interception or scored a touchdown.

During the contest, his longest pass was a 16-yard connection. These numbers demonstrate Pickett’s strong play on the field and his adept game management.

Kenny Pickett’s Performance for the Season

Over the course of the 2023 season, Kenny Pickett has made impressive strides in his second year of playing quarterback professionally.

His progression from the University of Pittsburgh to the NFL has been noteworthy, demonstrating his ability to be an important member of the Steelers’ roster.

Season Statistics

With 1,257 passing yards, five touchdowns, and four interceptions thus far this season, Pickett has led the Steelers to a 4-2 lead.

Their early-season success has been greatly attributed to his position as the team’s starting quarterback.

Even though he hasn’t played much in the pocket, Pickett has shown to be an essential part of Mike Tomlin’s strategy.

Impressive Performances

Against the Las Vegas Raiders, Pickett had one of his best games ever with 235 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions through the air.

He also demonstrated his mobility by gaining a season-high 11 yards through rushes. The Steelers prevailed 23–18, proving how effectively Pickett works with Tomlin’s scheme.

The Replacement: Mitchell Trubisky Steps In

The Steelers looked to Mitchell Trubisky, their backup quarterback, as they attempted to finish the game without their wounded quarterback.

Experienced quarterback and one-time Pro Bowler Trubisky has assumed the responsibility of leading the Steelers to victory.

The Background of Mitchell Trubisky

After being chosen by the Chicago Bears with their second-round pick of the 2017 NFL Draught, Mitchell Trubisky has played for multiple NFL teams.

He played for the Buffalo Bills following his time with the Bears and eventually joined the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Backup to Kenny Pickett

Mitchell Trubisky was Kenny Pickett’s backup quarterback prior to his injury. Although Pickett started the season as the starting quarterback, Mike Tomlin’s confidence in him caused the quarterback position to shift.

In summary

The unforeseen change of events that occurred during the Steelers’ Week 8 game, with Mitchell Trubisky replacing Kenny Pickett due to injury, has given the season a surprising twist.

The team will be closely monitoring Trubisky’s job as a backup quarterback while they wait for developments regarding Pickett’s condition.

In addition to hoping for a speedy recovery for Pickett, the Steelers and their supporters will be closely monitoring Trubisky’s play in the forthcoming games.

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