What happened to Kenny in High on Life? The Replacement of Kenny in High on Life DLC

High on Life, a popular FPS game, has witnessed the replacement of Kenny, a beloved character, in its DLC update 1.09.

Fans of Kenny are wondering what happened to him after his sudden absence. Let’s dig into the article to know more about Kenny and his absence.

Introduction to High on Life

High on Life is a well-known first-person shooter game that offers players various adventures and action-packed gameplay.

Among its cast of characters, Kenny stood out as a beloved figure. Kenny is a Gatlian, a unique race known as sentient firearms within the High on Life universe.

This character is characterized by its cheerful disposition, small stature, blue color, and distinctive head with two antennas.

As one of the initial weapons of the player character, the male Kenny plays a crucial role in the game.

What happened to Kenny in High on Life?

Kenny has been replaced in High on Life. While the specific reasons behind his evacuation may not be unequivocally expressed, the game gives a few clues and a setting.

What happened to Kenny in High on Life
What happened to Kenny in High on Life?

One of the underlying hints arises when players are in the Bounty or Killer Copperback situation and interact with Gene, a critical character in the game.

Gene recommends that players turn on the television. After doing so, the presenter on television conveys a huge disclosure.

After the demise of Garmentuous, a basic character in the game, it is reported that all people and Gatlians are protected. Nonetheless, during this interaction, Kenny, one of the Gatlians and an eminent character much the same as a living gun, is lost.

One more part of Kenny’s substitution becomes evident as players progress through the game and interface with Gene further.

After numerous interactions, Gene proposes that players drop off a knife where Kenny is dropped. These signs allude to Kenny’s absence and effectively fabricate interest in regards to his destiny in the DLC.

In any case, the legitimacy of these reasons remains dubious, as Kenny was a darling and funny person that players loved.

It is plausible that Kenny’s substitution was impacted by the lawful issues raised by his voice artist, Justin Roiland, in a situation connected with abusive behavior at home.

It is important that Roiland has gotten an ideal legal result and might be taking some time off from his professional work.

Harper as Kenny’s Replacement in High on Life DLC

To fill the void left by Kenny’s absence, players encounter Harper, the newest Gatlian character. Harper enters the game early on, making her presence known after players catch up with Gene.

Her role is critical, as she played a part in defeating Garmantuous, which ultimately led to Kenny’s loss.

Harper is distinct from Kenny in appearance, sporting a pink-colored hue. While she may not exude the same level of humor as Kenny, she serves as a suitable replacement.

Harper possesses similar attacking capabilities, ensuring that battles within the game remain engaging and consistent.

The Implications of Kenny’s Replacement

The substitution of Kenny in the High on Life DLC brings up issues about the effect on the game and its community.

Kenny was a character cherished for his humor and uniqueness, and players have become acquainted with him through their gameplay.

While Harper ventures into his role consistently, the absence of Kenny might be felt by players who value his character.

The choice to replace Kenny could be impacted by different variables, including storyline advancements, legal contemplations encompassing his voice actor, and creative decisions by the game’s developers.

The outcome is a change in the gaming experience for players.

Kenny’s replacement in the High on Life DLC with Harper means a huge change in the game’s elements. While the reasons for Kenny’s departure are not expressly unveiled, players can sort out signs from the game’s narrative.

The introduction of Harper as Kenny’s substitution guarantees that the gameplay stays engaging and that the storyline advances.

Eventually, the choice to replace Kenny might have been impacted by a mix of factors, including legal contemplations and creative decisions.

As the game develops, players will keep on investigating the undertakings of High on Life with its new characters.

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