What happened to Kat on below deck?

Kat Held’s journey from life on the open seas to a new chapter on land. Kat Held was a former star of the reality series Below Deck.

Read about Kat’s post-show life, her professional changes, and her current whereabouts.

This article explores her fascinating relationships, noteworthy moments from the program, and current projects in Las Vegas to shed light on her expanding career outside of reality television.

Who is Kat Held?

Kat Held first gained popularity as a crew member on the inaugural season of the reality series Below Deck, where she served as the Honor’s second stewardess. Kat spent the previous five years working as a yacht stewardess while traveling.

She grew interested in the tourist sector after earning her degree from the University of Rhode Island and after seeing mega boats enter and exit Newport Harbor. Her first work was as a yacht stewardess in Miami, Florida, as a result of this.

What happened to Kat on Below Deck?

Kat quit the yachting business after appearing in the first two seasons of the original series. She also practiced staying sober. The former yachtie, who now resides in Rhode Island, has attempted a variety of occupations.

What happened to Kat on below deck
What happened to Kat on below deck?

In addition to working as a waiter in 2017, Kat enrolled in nursing school. Later, the former cast member of Below Deck relocated to Las Vegas, where she now works as a bartender.

On Watch What Happens Live’s celebration of Below Deck’s 100th episode, Kat made an appearance. She met up with Kate and Eddie Lucas, two former members of her crew.

Kat prefers to live her life independently of social media. She still brings up her time working on Below Deck, though.

What happened between Kat and Ben Robinson?

In the early seasons of Below Deck, Kat was a memorable stew who enjoyed the limelight, especially from the men. She was flirtatious with just about every man on the crew. In Season 1 of Below Deck, she had a falling out with chief stew Adrienne Gang.

The following season saw the debut of former chief stew Kate Chastain, who, surprisingly enough, got along with Kat. It’s also interesting to note that both Kat and Kate ended up in an on-and-off romance with Chef Ben Robinson.

Where is Kat Held now?

Despite leaving reality television, Kat continued to sail the seven seas. She went back to Rhode Island and spent six months working as a bartender at the Rhode Island Yach Club.

Her career as a stewardess ended in September 2019, therefore based on her LinkedIn profile, it is likely that she worked on yachts in the past.

Held went back to school and attended the Virginia-based Bon Secours College of Nursing. She’s presently a Las Vegas resident.

In February 2022, she requested her Twitter followers for name ideas for a global CBD company, but it is unclear if they are connected.

Her profile also includes entrepreneur as one of her occupations. Nothing else about her company is available online.

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