What Happened to Karlie Guse?

A 16-year-old Karlie Guse of California disappeared without a trace in October of 2018. This introduction investigates the mysterious disappearance of a vibrant and well-liked youngster who had an abrupt and unsettling behavioral shift.

Her parents continue to hold out hope for her safe return, and law enforcement is still working to solve this puzzling and tragic case. Read the below article to know what happened to her and whether she’s still alive or dead.

Early event

Karlie Guse had used marijuana at a party the night before she vanished, and she had frantically called her stepmother to ask her to come get her.

Even after arriving home, her stepmother Melissa Guse had to calm her down before putting her to bed, according to a later statement from her father Zac Guse.

But the next morning, when Mellisa woke up, Karlie was nowhere to be seen, and they quickly called the police to report her missing. “People Magazine Investigates: The Strange Disappearance of Karlie Guse” on inquiry Discovery details Karlie’s disappearance in October 2018 and even tracks the police inquiry into the event.

What Happened to Karlie Guse?

Karlie Guse, a native of Mono County, California, was just sixteen years old when she vanished. The young woman was well-known for treating everyone with kindness and for loving life to the fullest, according to those who knew her.

Moreover, Karlie’s closest friend, Taylor McCormick, added that despite her passion for meeting new friends and hanging out with them, the teenager was a stellar student who had high hopes for the future.

What Happened to Karlie Guse
What Happened to Karlie Guse?

Around the time of the tragedy, the sixteen-year-old was, incidentally, dating a classmate called Donald. Taylor subsequently revealed that her buddy would frequently give him all of her attention while disregarding others.

Nevertheless, Karlie was seen as a rather well-liked individual, and her absence could not have been hinted at by anything unusual. She asked her stepmother whether she could go to a football game with Donald on October 12, 2018, in the evening.

Melissa gave her permission to go because she knew that kids often went to football games on the weekends. The teen seemed eager to get there.

But a few hours after the sixteen-year-old disappeared, Melissa got a call from her stepdaughter asking if she could come get her.

Karlie seemed very nervous over the phone, and when the former arrived at the appointed location, she saw the adolescent strolling down the street alone.

Melissa quickly realized that her daughter was not acting rationally, so she assisted Karlie in getting into her car. When the adolescent got home, she explained that she and her boyfriend had gone to a place where she had used marijuana for the first time rather than to the football game.

The girl looked to be experiencing severe psychological effects from this, as seen by her excessive anxiety, frenetic behavior, and fear. Karlie even stated that she feared Melissa was going to murder her and that she was always getting demon-related ideas and visions.

Eventually, the latter was able to quiet her down, and she spent the night in her room after putting her stepdaughter to bed.

Melissa was shocked to see Karlie absent from her bed when she woke up the next morning, thinking the teenager had gone for an early stroll.

Is Karlie Guse Missing or Found? Is She Alive or Dead?

We regret to inform you that Karlie Guse is still missing, although her parents still think she is alive and are hoping for her safe return and the police still consider this to be an ongoing investigation

Following Karlie’s unusual disappearance, authorities combed the neighborhood and knocked on doors in an attempt to find witnesses.

At that point, they encountered Richard Eddy, a local, who told them he had seen a girl strolling down the street in the wee hours of the morning.

The Arrest of Zachary Gusé (Father)

Police detained Karlie Gusé’s father in March 2021 on suspicion of beating his spouse. According to the police report, he was a victim of domestic abuse. Zachary, nevertheless, was released from custody after posting a $50,000 bond.

After this episode, he started to get blamed for his daughter’s murder. Despite all of this, authorities have not yet taken him into custody in the Karlie Gusé case since there is no proof linking him to his daughter’s abduction.

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