What happened to Justyn Ross? Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend Pressed Charges, Putting Him in Jail

Chiefs’ Justyn Ross faced domestic violence charges and was arrested for the same. The charges pressed against Justyn Ross came as a shock and disappointment for his fans and his admirers. He was arrested after that.

Though there have been the latest updates to Justyn Ross’ case, fans are eager to know more about the case’s verdict. Let’s dive into the article to find out what happened to Justyn Ross.

Incident Details

According to dispatch audio obtained by KMBC 9 News, the incident occurred on Monday afternoon.

The audio transcript describes a distressing situation where Ross was reportedly dragging his ex-girlfriend through the house and causing damage to the property.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that there was a firearm inside the residence.

Ross’s ex-girlfriend, who had appeared in court in person, provided information to the authorities. According to the dispatch audio, she stated that Ross had also broken her cell phone, and she was calling 911 from a neighbor’s phone.

Potential Legal Outcomes

Kansas City, Kansas criminal defense attorney James Spies, who is not directly involved in Ross’s case, noted that because this is Ross’s first offense, he is unlikely to receive additional jail time.

However, the NFL’s personal conduct policy could impose a minimum six-game suspension without pay. Spies believes that Ross’s actions could seriously jeopardize his football career.

Key Witness

Court records indicate that Ross’s grandmother, Annetta Franklin, is listed as a witness in the case. Dispatch audio also mentions that she was present at her grandson’s home when the ex-girlfriend called 911.

What happened to Justyn Ross?

Justyn Ross has been released from jail. He has been released on bond after pleading not guilty to domestic violence charges pressed against him.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Justyn Ross was released from the Johnson County Jail in Olathe on a $2,500 bond after entering a not guilty plea for two domestic violence-related charges.

What happened to Justyn Ross
What happened to Justyn Ross?

Ross is facing allegations of domestic battery and criminal damage to property amounting to less than $1,000. Ross appeared via video from the jail during his court proceedings before being released on bond.

Release Conditions

Following Ross’s release from jail, the judge imposed specific conditions. Ross was not allowed to return home until 7 p.m. that evening. This provision was made to enable his ex-girlfriend to enter their shared residence and collect her belongings.

However, the judge specified that the two women should not discuss the case, as they are both considered witnesses.

Community Response

Heidi Wooten, President and CEO of Safehome, a Johnson County domestic violence shelter, issued a statement expressing the importance of responsible behavior, particularly among Chiefs players.

She emphasized that domestic violence affects everyone and that victims do not deserve or cause abusive behavior.

Wooten extended an offer to collaborate with the Chiefs organization to raise awareness and prevent intimate partner abuse.

Scott Bricklayer, Director of Stewardship and Marketing of the Rose Brooks domestic violence shelter in Kansas City, likewise made an announcement.

He noted that high-profile cases of domestic violence can bring increased awareness and potential trauma to survivors. Mason urged victims and survivors to reach out, assuring them that help and hope are available.

Lastly, Justyn Ross is scheduled to appear in court again in December, where the legal proceedings regarding the domestic violence-related charges will continue.

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