What happened to Juju Smith Schuster? Clearing the Air On His Injury

Juju Smith-Schuster, the talented wide receiver for the New England Patriots, found himself at the center of injury-related speculation during the offseason.

However, Smith-Schuster recently spoke out to clarify the situation, saying he is on the path to recovery and strength.

For many of Smith-Schuster’s fans, it remains a mystery what happened to him, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Get into the article and find out for yourself what happened to Juju Smith-Schuster.

What happened to Juju Smith Schuster?

During the early part of the offseason, Juju Smith Schuster was dealing with a knee injury that kept him away from some offseason activities.

This absence raised concerns among fans and the media, leading to speculation about the nature and severity of the injury.

Training Camp Attendance

Despite his absence from early offseason activities, Smith-Schuster made a significant statement by being present at training camp.

What happened to Juju Smith Schuster? Clearing the Air On His Injury
What happened to Juju Smith Schuster?

Notably, he did not miss a single day of camp, signaling his commitment to his team and his determination to overcome any injury setbacks.

Speculation About His Knee’s Condition

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer raised eyebrows when he alleged on NBC Sports Boston that Smith Schuster’s knee was in a dire state, describing it as a “mess” and suggesting that it could “explode at any point.”

Such alarming claims about the condition of a key player’s knee naturally grabbed headlines and fueled concerns about his readiness for the upcoming season.

Smith-Schuster’s Rebuttal

In response to the alarming reports about his knee, Juju Smith-Schuster sought to provide some clarity. He firmly denied the notion that his knee was a ticking time bomb and instead emphasized that it was progressively improving.

Smith-Schuster’s reassurance aimed to put to rest the notion that his injury was a significant impediment to his performance and availability for the Patriots.

How did Juju Smith-Schuster Get a Knee Injury?

The knee injury in question occurred during the AFC championship game, when Smith-Schuster was still with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In that critical game against the Cincinnati Bengals, he suffered the injury in the third quarter and was unable to return to the field. This injury casts doubt on his availability for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Participation

Despite his knee injury, Smith-Schuster’s determination shone through.

In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, he was limited in practice but ultimately played a crucial role in helping the Chiefs secure victory against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This demonstrated his resilience and commitment to his team, even in the face of adversity.

Smith-Schuster’s Trip to Japan

While addressing concerns about his knee injury, Juju Smith-Schuster mentioned his trip to Japan after the Super Bowl. He explained that after undergoing clean-up surgery related to his knee injury, he needed some personal time.

During the long flight to Japan, he experienced some swelling in his knee. However, he reassured everyone that the issue had since been resolved and that he was feeling great.

Addressing Concerns Raised by the Trip

Smith-Schuster’s mention of his post-Super Bowl trip to Japan raised questions about the seriousness of his knee injury.

Some wondered if the swelling during the flight indicated a more severe issue than previously acknowledged.

However, Smith-Schuster was quick to dismiss these concerns, suggesting that the original reports were an attempt to create a sensational story.

Team Health and Wide Receiver Situation

While JuJu Smith-Schuster aimed to clarify his knee injury situation, there were other factors at play within the New England Patriots organization.

The team’s wide receiver corps faced its share of challenges, with Tyquan Thornton placed on injured reserve, DeVante Parker missing practice, and the Patriots signing two new wide receivers.

Given the significant investment made in Smith-Schuster during the offseason, it became crucial for him to remain healthy throughout the season to help the team achieve its goals.

Juju Smith-Schuster’s response to the knee injury concerns and speculation surrounding his condition offered a reassuring perspective.

While initial reports had suggested a dire situation, Smith-Schuster’s commitment to training camp and his positive outlook on his knee’s recovery suggest that he is on track to contribute effectively to the New England Patriots.

As the season progresses, fans and pundits will keep a close eye on his performance, hoping that his knee remains strong and reliable.

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