What happened to Juice Wrld? Remembering The Star’s Brief Life and Tragic Demise

Jared Anthony Higgins was a singer, songwriter, and musician better known by his stage name Juice Wrld.

He became well-known in the American rapper community thanks to his song All Girls Are the Same. He has a large global fan base of people who enjoy listening to his songs.

Millions of Juice Wrld’s admirers around the globe were shocked to learn of his tragic passing. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about the American rapper’s brief life and demise.

Who was Juice Wrld?

The American rapper became well-known last year because of the success of his hit song Lucid Dreams.

With the song reaching number two on the US charts and number ten on the UK charts, the track catapulted him into a sudden celebrity.

The gifted guitarist was an open and rebellious person who wasn’t afraid to discuss his struggle with drug addiction.

Although his career was brief, his debut album peaked at number four on the Billboard charts. He peaked at number one on the US charts with his third album, which was an enormous success.

Juice Wrld worked with South Korea’s BTS, the largest boy band in the world. He and Travis Scott were both in a video.

His 2019 smash song “Robbery” assisted Juice in taking the top spot during its debut on the US Billboard 200.

When discussing this particular musical style, Juice stated that he drew inspiration from a variety of genres, including R&B, punk, rock, and emo.

He also disclosed that his idols are British rock singer Billy Idol, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Chief Keef.

What happened to Juice Wrld?

While traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago in a private jet in December 2019, Juice WRLD overdosed on drugs and passed away.

Days later, TMZ reported, citing law enforcement sources, that the rapper had ingested a large number of pills to conceal them from federal agents who were waiting for the plane to land.

Juice had a seizure at the airport in Chicago after landing from a flight. When the ambulance came to treat him, he was severely bleeding from the lips.

What happened to Juice Wrld
Juice Wrld

He was taken to a hospital after the medical team attempted to treat and save him for almost forty minutes without success. At the tender age of 21, he was declared deceased upon his arrival at the hospital.

Did Juice Wrld’s group get arrested by the police?

After being charged with gun possession, two of his bodyguards were freed on bond; the other was released without bond.

The marijuana investigation has been turned over to the Chicago Police Department, and as of this writing, no charges have been made. It’s unlikely that anyone will be charged after the drug bust, according to TMZ.

There are no distinguishing characteristics and no one on the aircraft is acknowledging owning the seventy pounds of marijuana.

What was The Kid Laroi’s response to Juice WRLD’s passing?

The HBO Max documentary Into the Abyss, which debuted on December 16, 2021, featured The Kid Laroi, a friend and collaborator of Juice WRLD who was on the rapper’s jet during his seizure and death.

This was the first time the actor had spoken publicly about the incident. The Tommy Oliver documentary, which was made up of behind-the-scenes videos captured during Juice WRLD’s ascent, graphically detailed the rapper’s use of pills and lean physique.

Laroi described Juice WRLD as “so ill” just hours before he passed away. “All I could do was sit there in terror.”

I thought, “What the fuck?” The 18-year-old musician went on, “Then the cops approached us and put handcuffs on all of us.” We were lined up and handcuffed.

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