What Happened To Jose Fernandez? Tragic Boat Crash Claims the Life of Miami Marlins Star José Fernández

In a heartbreaking incident, the world of baseball and the city of Miami were left in shock as something terrible happened to their beloved Miami Marlins pitcher, Jose Fernandez.

Many people do not know what happened to Jose Fernandez. An investigative report on the incident has now shed light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating event.

To find out what happened to Jose Fernandez and resolve your other queries, you must read the following article.

The Fatal Boat Crash

On the early morning of September 25th, Jose Fernandez, along with two friends, Emilio Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero, were involved in a catastrophic boat crash near South Pointe Beach on Government Cut.

The 32-foot vessel they were on, named “Kaught Looking,” was traveling at a high speed of approximately 66 mph when it struck a jetty near Miami Beach.

The impact was catastrophic, ejecting all three men from the boat. Tragically, they succumbed to blunt-force trauma and drowning, marking a devastating loss for their families and the baseball community.

What happened to Jose Fernandez?

Jose Fernandez tragically lost his life in a boat crash. The incident occurred on September 25, and it was revealed through an investigative report that Fernandez was operating the vessel while intoxicated and at a high rate of speed.

What Happened To Jose Fernandez? Tragic Boat Crash Claims the Life of Miami Marlins Star José Fernández
What Happened To Jose Fernandez?

His blood-alcohol concentration was well above the legal limit, and he also had cocaine in his system at the time of the crash. He was just 24 when he died but he left an unwavering and unforgettable legacy behind.

Intoxication and Recklessness

The investigative report has revealed disturbing details about the incident. According to the report, Jose Fernandez was operating the vessel while under the influence of alcohol and had cocaine in his system.

His blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the crash was 147, well above the legal limit.

The report further states that Fernandez was speeding recklessly in the darkness of night, navigating through an area known for navigational hazards such as rock jetties and channel markers.

The report also highlights that Fernandez was operating the vessel with interior blue lights on and a vinyl windshield enclosure, factors that likely interfered with his night vision capabilities.

Violations of State Laws

Investigators have concluded that Jose Fernandez violated several state laws, including boating under the influence manslaughter, vessel homicide, and reckless or careless operation of a vessel.

These findings shed light on the severity of his actions leading up to the tragic crash.

Last Hours of a Baseball Sensation

The report offers a glimpse into the final hours of one of baseball’s rising stars.

It includes a screen shot of a text message from Fernandez’ girlfriend to one of the men on the boat, revealing that Fernandez was “not in the best state of mind” and that they had recently argued. She expressed concern and asked the recipient to “take care of him.”

A friend of Eduardo Rivero also shared text messages exchanged on the night of the accident, urging Rivero to “keep Joe cool” and “keep him close to shore.” Rivero responded, “Trust me, it’s not my time yet.”

Pre-Crash Activities

Prior to the tragic crash, Fernandez and his two friends spent approximately an hour and 45 minutes at the American Social bar on the Miami River.

During their time there, they purchased two bottles of Don Julio tequila and other drinks, according to the report.

The presence of alcohol in their system, combined with Fernandez’s intoxication, paints a concerning picture of the events leading up to the fateful boat ride.

Legal Actions and Seeking Accountability

The families of Emilio Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero have each initiated wrongful-death lawsuits seeking $2 million from the Fernandez estate.

These legal actions underscore the profound impact of the tragedy on the families of the victims.

A Beloved Sports Figure

Jose Fernandez was more than just a baseball player; he was a beloved sports figure in Miami, a city where many Cuban immigrants have found a home.

His journey from defecting from Cuba at the age of 15 to becoming a rising star in the MLB resonated deeply with the community.

Fernández’s achievements included being named the National League Rookie of the Year in 2013 and earning two All-Star selections.

A Loss Felt Across Miami and Beyond

The tragic boat crash and the loss of Jose Fernandez sent shockwaves through Miami and the whole baseball world. He was not just appreciated for his ability on the field; he was also valued for his warm character and associations with partners and rivals.

Right after this overwhelming incident, team president David Samson expressed that regardless of the discoveries of the report, nothing could decrease José’s sure association with Miami, the Marlins, and his significant love and enthusiasm for his family, companions, colleagues, and fans in South Florida and all over the planet.

The legacy of Jose Fernandez as a skilled competitor and a dear individual keeps on being recollected and celebrated, even as the subtleties of this terrible occasion become visible.

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