What happened to Jofra Archer?

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) revealed the most recent information on Jofra Archer’s health while announcing the playing eleven for England’s one-off Test match against Ireland.

Jofra Archer’s frustrations have not abated as the England bowler is now almost out of the Ashes after being ruled out for the remainder of the summer.

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When will he come back?

The predicted time frame for Jofra Archer’s healing up and a possible comeback into cricket remains unknown at this juncture.

In this case, what matters most is that he remains safe for a long time to come. It will be a very vigilant process that will accompany him in his journey to rehabilitation.

His comeback into first class cricket will depend on how far he would have recovered by now.

Healing and rehabilitation process in case of stress fractures is quite demanding and it requires lots of time.

This would mean that Archer’s medical team will have to take this exercise very slowly since rushing it might aggravate the injury and even cause secondary injuries.

However, they will monitor the condition of their patient regularly, watching over how fast he improves and how well the elbow heals.

The fact that Archer may not be returning may be discouraging to fans of cricket but what is important is his long-run wellness and ability to resume his cricket once fully recovered. As he makes headway in the various stages of rehabilitation, a clearer timeline will emerge.

What happened to Jofra Archer?

Jofra Archer’s time with the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) was cut short after new tests revealed he had suffered a stress fracture in his right elbow.

Archer will now collaborate with the medical specialists from Sussex and England to manage his injuries during his recuperation.

What happened to Jofra Archer
Jofra Archer

Jofra Archers cricket season was cut short as new tests showed stress fractures on his right elbow that made him pull out of IPL where he played for Mumbai Indians.

After diagnosing, Archer will be under close supervision of Sussex as well as English special doctors during the period of treatment and rehabilitation process for managing his injuries.

This injury setback greatly affects his cricket career so he has to engage in proper recovery and take a cautious approach with a doctor regarding his future health and fitness back into the game.

Impact on England cricket

The impact of Jofra Archer’s injury on English cricket is immense. His absence as an important fast bowler in every form of the game is acutely missed.

Archer’s ability to generate speed and take valuable wickets has contributed to England’s cricket triumphs. The team has a noticeable gap without him as part of their bowling team.

This further increases the burden of the other bowlers in the team. The ability of Archer to bring revelation into it, especially in limited over game, will have a great impact.

Therefore, the team will have to review and revise its bowling strategies that could eventually affect the entire play plan.

Again, at the time when Archer resumes playing, it is important to manage his workload. They are prone to be repeated and therefore it is important for him to ensure that playing in different formats does not compromise on the long term fitness.

Therefore, without Archer for instance, England might experience difficulties in getting desired outcomes during T20I, ODI and Test series in future international games and tournaments.

It creates selection problems and discussions of how fill a gap left by him in the team.

Ultimately, Jofra Archer’s injury is a thorn on the side of English cricket by affecting their bowling materials, approaches, and overseas cricket performances.

The health of this athlete shall be continuously assessed in order for him to return on track and contribute to this team once more.

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