What happened to Joe Madison? Takes a bold stand

Born on June 16, 1949, Joseph (Joe) Madison, also referred to as “The Black Eagle” or “Madison,” is an American radio talk-show host and an activist who can be heard every day on SiriusXM Urban View.

Native to Dayton, Ohio, Madison received an honorary doctorate in 2019 from Washington University in St. Louis, where he completed his studies.

At Detroit’s WXYZ-AM radio station, Madison started his career in broadcasting in 1980. Additionally, he was employed at WOL-AM and had his work syndicated on the XM satellite channel and Radio One Talk Network. 2013 saw him depart from WOL.

Madison is available on Urban View channel 126, SiriusXM, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Joe Madison’s The Black Eagle Show

Joe Madison can be heard on SiriusXM radio discussing politics and social activism on the Black Eagle show. As stated in the description of the program, “Joe Madison, The Black Eagle is the award-winning morning talk show where you discover the real story.

Apple Podcast users gave the show 4.8 stars out of 5. Since the premiere of The Black Eagle, viewers have reviewed the program on a variety of platforms.

“I like listening to Joe Madison,” a user said on the Apple Podcast. He immediately moves the discussion forward. intelligent and sincere. as well as ready to deliver the facts straight.”

“He conveys the truth to you in a way that renders your words useless! Lying attempts notwithstanding, the truth will always win out. I’m grateful,” said someone else.

Hunger Strike by Joe Madison

Sirius XM radio host Joe Madison told CNN on Friday that he wants lawmakers to put voting rights “on the front burner” when they return from their Thanksgiving break.

Madison is currently on a hunger strike over what he views as a “politically and morally wrong” attack on the right to vote.

During his interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday, Madison, who is on his 12th day of a hunger strike, acknowledged that he has faced “physical challenges.”

Joe Madison’s SiriusXM radio show and a compelling hunger strike for voting rights
Joe Madison’s SiriusXM radio show and a compelling hunger strike for voting rights

However, he expressed optimism that the senators, during their Thanksgiving break, will consider the consequences of not protecting our voting rights.

According to an October analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, at least 19 states have passed 33 laws that make it more difficult for citizens to cast ballots. Since 2011, there have been many more bills introduced in state legislatures across the nation, according to the center, and these laws set a new precedent for restrictive voting laws.

What happened to Joe Madison?

Joe Madison revealed in the interview that he had a health problem while participating in a hunger strike. Before he started the hunger strike, an elevated blood test revealed prostate cancer.

The cancer had spread to seven different parts of the body. Despite this, he chose to continue the hunger strike.

After talking to his urologist, he was told that he would probably only have a year and a half to live, during which time he would be taking painkillers if he chose not to receive cancer treatments.

He nevertheless decided to carry out the hunger strike and to keep the focus on the cause, this health-related information was kept quiet during the demonstration.

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