What happened to Joe Lyons Capital FM? The talented producer receives moving tributes

Joe Lyons worked as Capital Breakfast’s senior producer from April 2017 until his passing in August 2020.

He had worked with Roman on his Capital Evening Show from March 2016 until they both moved to the Breakfast Show, which he created.

The producer began working for Capital’s parent company, Global, in June 2011. Before joining Capital in 2012, the producer worked as a freelancer, notably for Classic FM.

During his formative years, Joe also completed work experience at the Daily Mirror.

What happened to Joe Lyons Capital FM?

What happened to Joe Lyons Capital FM

Producer Joe Lyons, Kemp’s closest friend, passed away in August 2020; the celebrity found out while at work. The following year, he produced a documentary on young men’s mental health and suicide.

Laurie Hanna, a former Daily Mirror journalist who is currently a reporter for Amnesty Press, tweeted, “Oh this is heartbreaking news I looked after Joe when he came in to do work experience at the Daily Mirror many years ago: he was such a lovely, funny young man and I loved seeing how well he had done in the years that followed.”

Roman Kemp has revealed the heartbreaking reason he left Capital FM’s Breakfast program

In 2020, Kemp tragically lost Joe Lyons, his best friend, to suicide. While producing the radio show, Lyons earned the affectionate moniker “Producer Joe,” beloved by millions of listeners.

Roman struggled for many years after learning of Joe’s death, which stunned the country at the age of just 31.

Kemp opened up about “living that same day over and over again” ever since Lyons passed away, explaining that his job became increasingly difficult given that they had worked so closely together.

He said in an interview, “Strangely, every day when I walk in there, I see Joe.” He continued, saying, “I do not think that having to quit or having to close this chapter has anything to do with radio or my line of work.

It is just a big decision to want to move on. You would want to move if a tragedy happened in your house.

After Joe passed away, Roman revealed in a documentary that he had no idea what Joe was going through regarding male suicide.

What happened to Joe Lyons

He claimed that Joe would have been the last person on the list if there had been twenty people lined up who you would have assumed were mentally ill. Joe was the happiest person I had ever met; he put everyone before himself, which broke my heart because I did not understand it.

It is quite simple for me to say, “My friends are upset because of what they see on social media, which is why my friend killed himself.

In all honesty, though, my friend committed suicide because I failed to notice anything as a friend.

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